Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.......

1. Little Baby Buddy's room is 98% finished!

2. The Winter Olympics are cramping my tv watching. I'm more interested in the problems in Sochi than the actual competition!

3. This makes me laugh everytime I read it:

4. This is hanging in Little Buddy's room:

He's a Bulldog already!

5. I had the below conversation with Mom-O (my spunky grandmother):

Meg: Hi Mom-O! It's Meggie, your favorite grandchild!

Mom-O: Oh, hey Meggie! How's the baby?

Meg: The baby is great!! And I'm fine too.

Mom-o: Uh-huh. Well, Valentine's Day is coming up soon. What are you doing for H.

Meg: I think we are going to cook dinner together at home. I told him that I want a chandelier for the bathroom.

Mom-O: Well, don't get your feelings hurt if he doesn't buy it for you.

Meg: Mom-O, if that man doesn't buy it.....I'm gonna flip my....nevermind.......well.....I'll just be mad at him! I emailed him a link, bookmarked it in the catalogue AND gave him a coupon code.

Mom-O: Well, you know how men are. Just don't be disappointed.

Meg: Mom-O, I know well enough.....which is why I put my gift plan in place!

Mom-O: hahah! Well, Meggie, you are smart!

Meg: It's my Master's degree.

Mom-O: Huh?

Meg: Nevermind.

I'm happy to report, last night my man told me about my chandelier that will arrive this week. Nothing says I love you like a light fixture over your bubble bath! Or over the weenie dogs while they take their bath!

6. Speaking of the weenie dogs........H had to bathe Coopie 3 times on Saturday due to him playing and rolling in the mud! The dog has GOT to be part mut due to his love of the mud!

7. On my drive to work on Monday- I passed a truck that was hauling the bat mobile. I can't make this up! I texted H when I arrived to work and told him about it. He asked me to send him a pic......I told him that I didn't take one because I was driving. He replied back with: "good answer. that was a test. you passed."

So- I googled and found the car:


8. H and I are obviously excited about our baby boy.
However, we are ready for him to be 5 years old.
We (ok, maybe just me) have planned his 5th birthday.
When they are squishy newborns, they just sleep, eat and poop.

I want to have the little buddy talk to us and get excited when we surprise him! That's the part of parenthood that makes me so excited I could throw up!

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  1. You don't have to wish your boy to the age of five! At almost two, Elliot is sure to state his opinion! He counts to ten (omitting 7-8), knows several colors, can spell his name (only when you are not trying to video him), tells me exactly what he wants to eat (mainly spaghetti 'balls' or mac 'n' cheese), it is the BEST (busiest exciting super tiring)!! Love that baby boy!