Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby Buddy's Hospital Bag.

It makes me feel accomplished that I have packed the baby's hospital bag.
I would say that I'm ready to birth a child, but that would be a lie.

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Wipes. As much as it costs to give birth, can you believe the hospital doesn't provide wipes!

2. Paci. Again, our hospital doesn't promote paci's. So, I've packed our own.

3. (2) blankets. The baby blue blanket is his "coming home" blanket that our neighbor's sweet mom made for him. It matches the blue in his coming home outfit. Stuff like that matters. 

4. (2) shirts. I realize the hospital provides white shirts.......but, I had 2 shirts monogrammed for him that are teeny tiny....and I think this will be the only time he will be able to wear them.

5. A hat. Again, I know the hospital will provide a hat.....but he needs to wear his hat with his name on it.

I had to flip it for the pic.

6. His guest book. I want to have his hand and foot prints added to the inside of the book, then, have guests sign it.

7. His MSU shirt. This is strickly for photos! He's a baby bulldog and it needs proper documentation.

8. Candle. This is his "0" candle that will be used in his hospital photo.

9. Nametag. This is how we will introduce him to the world.

10. Mittens. Aren't these presh?! 

11. Nursing cover. Because, well. 

12. And of course, his coming home outfit! 

What am I missing? 
Is there something obvious that I'm forgetting? 
After our babymoon, I'll pack up my bags......then, go throw up! Approximately 61 days people! 

I can't even deal. 


  1. I'd pack a Soothie pacifier. CG would only take those when she was a nb, and that's the kind they gave us at the hospital, too. I can't believe they don't provide wipes! We grabbed all the wipes and diapers we could before we left for home--HA!! You may have this stuff in there already, but I'd also pack bibs and burp cloths, diaper cream, socks, and a swaddle me blanket (the kind w/velcro).

    1. I have the socks packed......but no burp cloths or bibs! I just added them to the list! Thanks!!!

      If we receive a swaddle blanket....I'll add it to the bag.

      Girl....I'm disappointed the hospital doesn't do wipes! And you better believe I'll be taking some diapers with me! hah!

  2. Message me or e-mail me if you want ideas for YOUR bag. HA! It's glorious. ;)

  3. I ditto the Soothie pacifier. Something about how that nipple is helps prevent nipple confusion when breastfeeding and using a pacifier.

    What about sleep attire for him? Onesies while swaddled in a blanket? Or any sleep sacks? AW lived in those for the first several weeks.

    I love how detailed you are in every little thing! Awesome!! :)

    1. Well.....I was planning on just swaddling him in his little shirts until we got home.....but, maybe I should throw in some gowns?!?

      My detailed lists get comical.

  4. Ditto to the Halo Swaddle Sleepsacks. They have been a MUST for us! And we didn't have them at the hospital. So wish we had! Hospital provided burp cloths for us. I also brought a Boppy and was glad!

    1. I've added the sleepsack to my list of items to add to the bag! Thanks for the info! I may call the hospital and ask about burp cloths....and I added the Boppy the list too! Thanks again for the suggestions! The newbie needs all the help she can get!

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  6. You won't use that nursing cover in the hospital. Everybody gonna see the sisters, and you won't even care. ;)

  7. Ditto on the nursing cover, you won't use it, you will be on display for the world.
    I took my own monogrammed pillow case for cuter background in pictures of me holding my sweet new baby. I also brought chocolates to the nurses you may want to do that, too? Trust me you get super close. That's all I can think of now, I will keep trying to remember.