Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday......

We had the most delightful weekend.

It started off with our neighbor's 1st birthday party. I indulged myself in (2) juice boxes and the most marvelous cake ever! I thought about texting my neighbor later in the day and asking if I could come over for milk and cake. I refrained.

Then, we bought a new mattress. I felt the need to try it out at 2pm with an afternoon nap. I thought it was a good use of my time to nap while H weeded the flowerbed.
I used the pregnancy card.

Later we took dinner to sweet friends that just birthed a sweet baby girl.

Sunday consisted of church, lunch, big fat nap, LOTS of rain and laziness! Lazy Sunday's are the best. They make for a perfect day. You are recharged for the week, normally have a great meal that sets you up for a successful nap and the icing on the cake were raindrops hitting the window. See, I'm still thinking about cake! 

Monday afternoon on my drive home from work, I thought I was about to birth a child on the side of Hwy 59. As soon as I arrived home, I soaked in a "luke-warm" bath, then crawled in bed. When H arrived home around 7:45ish..... I proceeded to tell him:

"Hey- there's chicken in the refrigerator. Cook it. It's organic, so it's expensive and I don't want it to go to waste. Don't mind me, I'm just laying in bed trying not to birth our son. Oh, and will you turn down the air.......I'm hott."

On Tuesday afternoon, H and I saw the baby buddy during the 4-D ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed our sneaky suspicions: we are I'm having a big baby! And he has turned.

He has the most precious face ever and the sweetest little lips. H had to ask if the baby is still a in his 4-d glory, he's still a boy!

The "art work" to go over his crib is complete. 
H took apart an old distressed pallet for the wood pieces, then, he fused them back together like magic. Meanwhile, I painted the letters of his name and glued them on the wood......and TA DA! Boom! It's DONE!

His nursery is officially complete. Praise be to the Lard, there's nothing else to do in the nursery!

Next blog post will be what I've packed for his hospital bag! I feel prepared on it.....which means that I'm forgetting something obvious. 

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