Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BabyMoon- Walking in Memphis

H and I had the most delightful weekend in Memphis. A little back story here, we met in Memphis and felt it was only fitting to return there while pregnant. 

Friday night, we dined at Majestic Grill. The food was fab! While in the ladies room, a couple of teenagers were complaining about their feet hurting in their super high heels. 

I couldn't control my I may have said to them: "try hauling around a 8 month preggers belly in wedges all while walking 5 blocks to get here because your man thinks 5 blocks are nothing!" 

They responded with: oh, your pregnant!! 

I don't know if they were mocking me or paying me a compliment.  I thanked them kindly and complimented their shorty-short dress. 

This weekend was a pivotal point for my feet. They are now retaliating against me. They are shrinking in size, but growing in width. Fun times. 

At one point on Saturday, I ditched the wedges and purchased flip flops, which left indentations on my feet. My loving man thought that was funny. 

Anyway, back to the was great....relaxing and much needed. 

Saturday, we dined at Rendezvous where we met the most delightful ladies that gave us name advice. It's sorta funny.....because sometimes when we meet complete strangers, we may tell them our baby name. Other times, we tell them that we don't know yet and we need to decide. The 3-ladies asked.....and H said that we don't know yet. Then, he asked for suggestions. 

Pandora's box is now open. 

These nice strangers first admitted they had attended the Beer Festival and had been partaking in the spirits 

Well.....this is about to get fun! 

They gave us ALL types of names....their top contenders were Ryan and Parker. H told them it has to be a "solid" name that sounds good over a loudspeaker on a football field.  They said that Park Jones and Ryan Jones sound like pro-football names. 

If I didn't have some monogram items already, I think H would like to change our son's name. 

Anyway, after the ladies left us to go eat their BBQ, H and I busted out laughing. Then he followed up with "well, that wouldn't have been near as fun if we had just told them his name."


While in Memphis, we did a little maternity photo shoot. 
Of course there is a story to go with anything that we do. 


While standing on the corner of Jefferson and Main up against a brick wall taking this photo.........

A homeless man started haggling us. He wanted to pay us so he could take a pic with me. He was relentless. Would.Not.Stop. 
And H kept snapping pics as my expressions changed with his haggles. 

Exhibit A:

After we quickly left.....H almost busted a gut as we walked away. 

My loving baby daddy turned to me and said: "you just got hustled off your corner by a homeless man."

Thank you honey. 
I have no words for that. 

Side caveat: when we were leaving to go to dinner, we saw the haggler being put into the back of a cop car. 

Here's my favorite photo: 

After that photo was taken, I switched to flip-flops. They are now my shoe of choice. 

Oh- let's rewind to Friday night fun. 

When you are preggers, you wake up 50-11 times in the middle of the night to go to the ladies room. I'm at the stage where I need help rolling out of bed. So, I have to lovingly wake my man up for assistance. Anyway, at 3:46, I'm rolling out of bed. 

At 3:48, I'm back in bed. 

At 3:57, the fire alarm goes off. 

At 4:05, H is telling me to get dressed so we can evacuate. 

This is where I tell him negative. 

We are on the 8th floor. That means, 8 flights of stairs. And I'm 8 months preggers. 

No. I'm not evacuating. I will have a firefighter take me out the window before I crawl down 8 flights of stairs at 4 in the morning. 

As H is getting dressed to evacuate.......I call the front desk and asked what was going on....and told them to call me back if this is "for real."

The firetrucks came and went......and our breakfast was complimentary the next morning....and come to find out.....a 16 year old boy had been smoking. Seriously. 

I couldn't be too mad at the little smoker......since I was already awake.....and snagged a free breakfast of Starbucks and French toast with strawberries....but geezzz......

I never asked if they kicked him out......he certainly cost the hotel some money! 

Next trip will be back to Memphis in July for a wedding!! Hopefully I'll be in normal shoes again and walking 5 blocks won't put me out of breath! 


  1. We've never met and most likely never will, but oh, how I adore your blog! Seriously, it's delightful and I wish you all the best in the days ahead :-)

    1. Thanks for reading!!! Glad that you like my crazy, yet fun life!