Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crossing the Line......Pregnancy Style

As soon as you start showing a baby bump......people cross the line. They feel a certain need to ask you questions that really don't matter. It's like a right of passage to motherhood.....

Because I try to be a nice person and make Jesus proud, I rarely tell them what I'm thinking. One day, I'll probably snap. 

Women also feel the need to tell you about their awful birthing stories. It's like the bigger your eyes get, the more detail they provide.


Why do this to a first time mom? I beg you, please let me go to the hospital and think that everything is going to be peaches and roses. 

Questions pregnant women don't want to answer or talk about:

1. When they ask your due date......(and you tell them).....and they laugh and say you won't make it to then. 

Thank you for implying that I'm fat. Excuse me while I get more ice cream to feel better about myself.  

2. How much weight have you gained? 

How much weight have YOU gained?? You tell me your  weight first, then I'll tell you mine. 

My grandmother is slightly obsessed with my weight. She is so worried about preeclampsia. 

My Dr. isn't worried about it. 

3. Please tell me about your awful birthing story again

4. Oh- my life will change when the baby arrives


For the record: I want my life to change. I want to hear the giggles of a little boy in my house. I want to hear the pitter-patter of his footed pjs on the tile floor. I want my Saturday's to revolve around him. I can't wait for my life TO change. 

5. Do you REALLY want a boy?

Not really. I just wanted a healthy baby. Having a boy was just icing on the cake. Little boys love their mamas! 

6. True story: someone touched my I touched theirs. 

Can we lay out some generic pregnancy ground rules? These not only apply to me but pregnant women everywhere. 

#1- If you don't touch a woman's stomach when there isn't a baby in there......don't touch it when there is one. 

#2- If you don't ask someone what they weigh when they are not pregnant, don't ask them while they are and you know they weigh more. 

#3- Birthing a child is gonna matter the method. Unless you sneezed and your baby popped out or you can withstand surgery without pain pills, let's not make other women terrified of the process. 

Being pregnant is fun, sweet at times and at the end, very rewarding. It's sorta like being a parent, sweet at times and very rewarding. 

Over the weekend, H asked me if I would miss being the time he asked....I told him yes.
Last night at 10:30 while breathing through a contraction, I changed my mind. 

While I'll miss the kicks in my big belly......I will get to hold and rub on the feet of a little baby! 

Pregnancy for me has been fun and enjoyable. Even with the odd questions, comments and advice.......I can't wait to do it again. However, for the record.....I will be waiting a WHILE to do it again! 

Did you receive any weird advice......comments.....questions?? 
Do share and make me feel better! 

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  1. Everything will be peaches and roses, my friend, and you're beautiful and perfect and exactly the size God wants you to be. ALL IS GOOD!!! Enjoy every single moment, and I promise it will all be worth it!