Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Shower Part #2

Get ready for picture overload.

This shower was soo much fun! I'm sad that it's over and I'm no longer visiting with my friends all weekend. It was like a 3-day party. 

Mar and Emmaline were our house guest for the weekend. Me and the doggies are sad they have gone home. 

Sweet College Friends! 3 out of the 4 of us are preggers! 

Sweet opinionated Mom-O and my rockin' Mama! 

Baby Buddy received his 1st cowbell!!!! It's already on his night stand! 

One of my favorite gifts!! 

Excuse my chinese eyes.....and simply focus on the onesie! 

Sweet outfit from Mom-O! 

Just a FEW of the hostesses!! 

Favorite previous boss EVER! Love her! And she loves baby buddy even more. 

The prego club.  (May, October and June due dates)

The 3-Muskateers! 

The Walley Fam Jam! Mom and my soon to be "seester"!

The shower was again, WONDERFUL! The gifts were great, but the guests were even better! 

Next up, pictures and post from my work baby shower! 
Part #1 is here.

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