Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day....

This Mother's Day was a little bittersweet for me. 

While I was so happy to be 9 months pregnant and FINALLY have a reason to celebrate the day, I kept thinking about all of my friends that are dying to be in my position with pregnancy. 

Mother's Day was always so hard for me the last few years. It was so nice to see sweet photos of my friends and their little munchkins, but it's ANOTHER reminder that a year has gone by and I'm not receiving a macaroni necklace, or a painted picture from school or a handprint in a piece of pottery. 

To all of the ladies who cried, mourned and needed distractions on Mother's Day............you are not alone. It's hard.....but, it helps mold you into a stronger woman that makes you appreciate motherhood on a new level. Every night, I thank God for the kickboxer in my stomach and for the joy he is about to bring our house. For all of the solemn Mother's Days from my past, they make me fully appreciate the card I received yesterday from H and the baby. 

I would tell you that it gets better, but it doesn't. It's not better until you are pregnant or holding your baby in your arms. That's the real truth about infertility. Even when the statistics are on your side......they mean nothing. 

Ladies: keep advocating for your baby. Keep asking God to fulfill your hopes. Of course I would have LOVED to have had our baby years ago.......but, it has been so much fun to go through this experience with all of my friends this year. 
Your Mother's Day is coming......and you will wear that macaroni necklace with pride. And possibly to work on Monday. 

Next year, I'll be wrestling a little boy to keep his socks and shoes on for pictures all while screaming "it's my first mother's day!! I've waited YEARS for this picture!!"

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