Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bay Springs Shower...

Our last baby shower for Baby Boy Jones was hosted by our sweet Bay Springs Friends!

It was so special and beautiful!

I mean, who doesn't ADORE a good diaper cake?!!

And how about REAL cake??!!
So, we were all curious as to how the cake decorator made the baby blocks.....so I took one apart....and we found RICE KRISPIES!! Please pause and look at the shoes.

Because every pregnant woman wants oreo balls and fruit! Yes and yes! 

I may have gone to the pool the day before and burned my legs.
Either that or H is slacking on his job of giving me an even spray tan.

Sweet BFF from college that SURPRISED me!
AND! She is preggers with another baby BOY! 


I mean, who doesn't love a sweet little John-John?!

I had the cutest little helper! He doesn't know what a baby "shower" is....so
we told him that we were going to the baby's "birthday party." 

Hott mama KPA! Hostess with the Mostess!
While pushing through a stomach bug.....this woman held it together
and made it sooo special for me and the babe! 

GranDonna and Granna!
These 2 ladies are SLIGHTLY excited about their 1st grandbaby! 

Sweet neighbor and hostess!
Thanks to her fab twin boys.....baby Jones has little buddies to hang out with during football season!
Gooo Dawgs! 

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