Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday......

1. No baby yet......which makes me sad. I'm ready to meet the little buddy. Mom called early one morning to say she dreamed about him and that she was holding him. And, that he had blonde hair. We.are.ready.

2. This past weekend, we made a quick trip to New Orleans. It was fun and fast, and for a minute on Saturday night, we thought we were about to have a baby. The good news is that we remained calmed. The bad news is, at 1:30 am, I realized I can't trust H to be the timer of the contractions. With his "time-keeping" skills, my contractions were anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes apart. 

The next morning at breakfast, we talked about the importance of time management during labor. 

3. Monday we worked in the back yard. And when I say "we":
- H was getting after it in the back flower beds. 
- Oscar and Cooper were eating the new black mulch. 
- I was sportin' (not to be confused with rockin') my bikini, refilling cups of water for H, laying on my fold out beach chair and occasionally planting a few flowers. 

I was hoping our yard work would induce labor. It did not. Instead, it did help me sleep through the night. 

4. On our way to New Orleans, we stopped at Paul's Pastry. I wanted 1 slice of a king cake. Of course they don't sell them by the slice. So I did what all 9 month pregnant women do: I bought a cake. 

And wouldn't you know.....the 1st bite I took of my strawberry cream cheese cake: I got the baby! Which made me wonder if it was an omen of things to come for the weekend. Obviously not. 

5. This weekend, I'm stocking the freezer. I apologize if I buy all of the meat and ice cream from Kroger. I need to be prepared. At 6:15 this am, I was working on my grocery list. 

6. I have repacked my child's hospital bag no less than 4 times. I even re-packed it yesterday morning. It's a slight obsession. 

7. Yesterday, I paid for my epidural while at my Dr. appt. I anticipate its the most important and biggest ROI that $99 can buy! I think $99 to not feel from the waist down is a pretty good bargain! 

8. Oscar is starting to act like a little baby while we anticipate the arrival of the actual baby: 

We registered for a swing that is off the ground so the dogs would not jump/lay in it. It defeats the purpose when your dog whines and cries until you put him in it. I think he likes the areal view of the living room. 

9. You can read about our Bay Springs shower HERE.......and my work baby shower HERE!  

They were both so much fun and full of wonderful baby gifts! 

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