Monday, July 7, 2014

Maternity Leave.

Mamas.....I wanna make the most of my maternity leave. When I go back to work, I don't want to be as big and pasty as I am now! I've been thinking about small, reasonable goals that will give me an ounce of satisfaction when achieved. 

Here are my pipe dreams.....for the next 2 months:
(FYI: Month 1 was spent with a lot of couch time with my new favorite man)

- Read a book- I figure I can read while pumping....right??

- Daily walk in the hood- I need the exercise and the bambino needs some fresh air. 

- Take a day "trip" once a week- this could be simply driving to my parents house....or Mom-O's home...or a "play date" with a friend. I'm thinking a place where make-up isn't required and a baseball cap is permissible. 

- Go to work- during my leave, I actually need to go to the office for a 2-day event. This event will be at the end of my leave, so it will be perfect for me to do a dry-run for when I return. 

-Cook a meal once (maybe twice) a week- I love to cook! I love to have a glass of vino while cooking! It's my element.....and decompressing time. However, cooking is very limited with a newborn......however, I need to get back in my groove. 

Confession: it took an hour to make jambalaya last week due to a little boy having a meltdown.  

I don't want to include house chores on my list. I'm sorta a "clean as you go" kind of gal. I tend to make up the bed before I go to work, and load the dishwasher before bed. Chores are chores and unless I'm shampooing carpet, I don't get a lot of satisfaction from it. 

I don't want to overload myself here. I mean, I'm giving myself a 2-month deadline to read a book.....what did you do to help yourself feel "normal" and come out of the fog called new mommyhood?

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