Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jaxon- Month 1

I'm in disbelief.

I have a 1 month old baby.

Someone please come and wipe the tears from my eyes as I rock my baby. 

How is it that our IVF worked, we had a great pregnancy, we delivered the sweetest baby boy and he is already a month old? He may as well be wearing a backpack that is too big and starting kindergarten!

1 month stats:

-holds his wobbley head up for 30 seconds (or a little longer) at a time.

- thinks tummy time is sleep time

- has decided that he loves baths after all.....and for the past 3 nights, he has pooped in the tub

- thinks his dad is the best

-sleeps like a champ (I hate to even type that)

- loves to go strolling the neighborhood

- does not like footed jammers, but my heart melts when I put him in them, so he wears them

- burps and toots like a college frat boy.......then smiles about it

- has found the tv. He will stare as I watch the news in the morning 

- I have packed up a few newborn onesies that no longer fit over his big head. I may have shed a tear while doing so. 

- he loves the ceiling fan! Who needs a swing, rock n play and tummy mats when you can just watch the ceiling fan?!?

This little buddy is the love of our life and has made this past month so much sweeter! 

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