Saturday, July 19, 2014

Babywise- Week #4, #5, #6

I'm a slacker on keeping up with Babywise here.......however, I write it in my May Book on a daily basis.

His 4th week of life was a busy one with 4th of July.

We had fireworks downtown, then 2 back to back bbq's. His little schedule was thrown off, however, he slept so good so I didn't complain.

Our week pretty much consisted of:

-eating every 2 to 2.5 hours

- his sleep schedule is pretty much bedtime around 9 pm or 9:30 pm, then wake up around 2:30 for a dream feed, then up again around 5 am, then sleep until 9am

-his daytime schedule varies slightly each day. I'm not stressing out about it, because in 2 months, he will be on the daycares schedule. Plus, every time we leave home, it throws off his schedule. I don't wanna be the mom that sits at home because of a recommended schedule. Mama needs Target trips.

- this week he kept me on my toes with the throw up! Geez kid!

Week #5 and #6 is pretty much the same.

On certain days, you know what time it is due to Jaxon crying for his breakfast. The little bambino eats around 7am, goes back to sleep and wakes up again around 9am. Then, he is pretty much up for the day. He will take a cat nap here or there until the dang dogs bark at air and wake him up........but, in the afternoon around 2:30 he will sleep for about an hour and a half. During that nap time, I turn into a mad woman trying to do laundry or the prep work for dinner.

While I love a schedule- we are just enjoying the summer. We go to the pool, playdates, pool parties, Target, Granna's house, etc.......and it all throws us off until we arrive back home and go to bed. Until I start back to work, we are simply gonna enjoy our time together........and try our darndest to put him to bed at 8:45.

Sorry that I'm terrible about detailing the facts of Babywise on the blog.....I do however recommend purchasing a May Book to keep up with your schedule.

A normal night for us consists of:

8pm- bath time and jammers

8:30pm- last feeding before bed (in his room with the lights dim and his sound machine on)

8:45pm- burp and bundling in his swaddle blanket

8:46pm- I'm crying over his crib because he is so darn cute

**Did I ever confess to y'all that it took me a week to thank Jesus for giving us Jaxon in my prayers??

Oh- it's a true story. I couldn't get past the part of saying his name. I was a hott mess over our little man. H would pretty much drag me out of his nursery at night.

Now, I'm praying that we just stop pooping in the tub!

3:30 or 4am- dream feed. I smell his booty before I feed him.
Stinky butt = change before milk
No stinky = milk and going right back to sleep

7am- diaper change, bottle and depending on what we have going on, he either goes back to sleep until 9am or we are up for the day.

When I go back to work- I'll have to wake him up at 6:15ish for diaper change, bottle, getting dressed and I'm sure another diaper change.

We are still loving our loose schedule and it's definitely helping this new mama out! 

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