Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Room with a View. Sorta.

This past weekend, we attended the most delightful wedding in Memphis.

H's college room mate tied the knot and we had a blast attending and hanging out with friends.

However, I kept my cell phone HOT requesting pics of the little bambino from my parentals.

Clearly our child missed us:

Anyway, on Friday morning I called the hotel to make sure we have a refridge in the room for baby milk. At the end of the convo, the receptionist said "Ok Mrs. Jones, I have you staying on the Executive Floor with a refridge, checking in at 3:30 and you will have a skyline view."

Ladies (and dad).....this was our skyline view:

Listen. I would have thought nothing about this.....but the receptionist said "skyline view"......

PR Rule #236: Don't oversell your product. 

When you are a new mom....you can sleep anywhere and through anything. I sorta found the interstate road noise soothing at times. It's like a free sound machine.  

You know what else is soothing? Cake and milk! 

This was the fab dessert at the rehearsal dinner. 

I love strawberry cake like none other. My wedding cake was strawberry. I figured, it's my party.....so I'll pick my favorite cake. 

Anyway, I digress.....the cake. the milk.  I almost licked my plate. 

The rehearsal dinner was so much fun hanging out with friends. 

You know you are getting old when everyone passes around their phones to show off their babies! 

I had to show this photo:

and this one too:

Fun times were had by all. H's friends are great.....and it's even better they all married wonderful wives. We are friends that just pick up where we left off. While the guys hung out on Saturday, us gurls participated in some womanly bonding over manicures and pedicures. There's nothing like some nail polish, toe popping, box wine drinking and the hum of a drill to bond over! 

The wedding was beautiful, the food was great and the friends were fab! 

And I'll spend the next week having Jaxon realize that he doesn't have to be held all the time! Oh- and my sweet child decided to sleep through the night at Granna's house. You don't have to email or text me that I'm lucky.......it was a 1 night thing so far. 

But- here's to hoping that tonight's the night he does it again! 

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