Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jaxon Riley Surgery Update.

I'm sitting in a cold hospital room that smells like bleach while my baby is hooked up to monitors, IV's and blood pressure cuffs. 

However, I'm thankful. 

Monday before we made it back to the parking lot of our local hospital, we received a phone call instructing us to pack a bag and head to the Children's Hospital. We freaked out for a moment, made a list, packed our bags and headed out. 

In my frazzled state of mind, I  tried to remain calm while answering the same questions over and over to friends and family. 

Condition: Pyloric Stenosis

Treatment: surgery

Laymen's terms: enlarged stomach muscle that's detected through projective vomiting, little to no weight gain and an ultrasound. 

In the course of several doctor appts., and a Friday night trip to the ER.......

I'm thankful. 

This is a 'one and done' type of surgery. When we leave the Children's Hospital, my sweet baby will be healed. 

And I'm thankful. 

It's a humbling experience to be in a Children's Hospital. You are here because your child is sick and needs medical attention, but you quickly realize it could be so much worse. Your few days are nothing compared to the other families that spend weeks on end here. It helps put things in perspective......

And that makes me thankful. 

The doctors have been wonderful and helped this nervous nelly mama get through some tough moments. The nurses have treated us like we are staying in a hotel. They call me by name. They call my baby by name. 

I'm thankful. 

Right now, my sweet angel baby is healed and sleeping. 

And I'm thankful. 

Modern medicine is a good thing that brought our baby to us and healed him after he arrived. Sweet Jaxon will have 3 battle scars that will one day be really cool in Kindergarten. Hopefully, we will be discharged today or Friday morning.......

And I'll be yet again thankful


  1. Praise Jesus that your sweet baby boy will be fine. And praise Him for the medical team who is taking care of Jaxon. Thinking of you...

  2. How cute is he! Glad he that's a one and done type of deal. Hope he's feeling better!