Monday, August 4, 2014

Lessons from a New Mom.

Being a new mom, there are new skills that I've picked up over the last 2 months:

1. Utilizing my toes. It never fails that I drop something while holding the babe. It's much easier to just use my toes than bend down with a baby in hand. 

2. Ninja moves. You have to be lightening fast when changing the diaper of a little boy. Jaxon laughs at the fact the I pull out the pee-pee tee pees. He takes them on as an invitation to just pee in them. 

3. You must be ready for surgery. While I was laid up on the operating table severely drugged up with my eyes tightly closed, I heard the nurses calling out numbers to each other. Because I didn't want to be a diva patient, I didn't ask. Come to find out, they were cross checking their surgical tools. 

I. Die. 

Anyway, H and I have picked up the same process when changing a diaper. 

New diaper- check
Booty cream- check 
Wipes- check
Paci- check

All of the tools must be ready to go before you even think about laying Jaxon on the changing table. 

4. If we are going somewhere early in the morning, I will put his outfit on him during his early morning diaper change/feeding. It's saves time and tears. 

5. Lard at the gibberish in my planner. During late night pump sessions, I write down my to-do lists for the day. My planner has gone from conference calls, staff meetings and site visits to: wash bottles, put sheets on the guest bed and call the city about recycling. I even highlight them after I finish each task. Old habits die hard

6. When he throws up breast milk......I secretly think: well, there goes 20 minutes of my time! Can I get an Amen ladies?

7. I wear my hair in a bun most of the time. It reduces the chances of throw up getting in it.

As the weeks go by, I keep adding to the lessons that I've learned. Being a new mom is comical at times. Nothing can prepare you for it. Not a Master's Degree, not child classes, or advice from friends. It's one of those things that you figure out on your it's happening. It's scarey, but, after you wrestle your kid during bath time and he is diapered and laying his crib......that's when you give your baby daddy a high five as you skip out of the nursery and head to the fridge for a glass of wine.

Count it as a win for the day. 

Oh- and another win for the day is bedtime at 8:45. 

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