Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jaxon's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday- we dedicated Jaxon to the Lord. 
Why is it that on Sunday's, you need the Lord more than ever?!
On Sunday's, my hair tends to go flat, Jaxon decides to eat slower and H wants to watch ESPN while taking small sips of coffee. 

On dedication day, I woke up at 6:30 READY TO GO! 
My mind was racing on all of the last minute details. 

I started texting Katye (BFF and co-host of the lunch) with details that didn't matter and only she and I would notice. 

Anyway, because I have started back to work, and don't have a lot of time to go shopping, I pulled an old Easter dress out of the closet, and put Jax in a Feltman Brothers and H wore his best black suit. I feel like I represented Greene County well. Well, except that I walked in with my dress unzipped. Total true story. A dear friend came and zipped me up as I was standing at the front row of church. 

Afterwards, we of course had the joint luncheon with our dear sweet friends, The Ainsworths.

Our food was good for a couple of reasons:

1- Our caterer was great!
2- I didn't have to cook and haul.

Jax LOVED his joint party and loved even more being passed around from Aunt to Aunt! This child has more "Aunts" than should be allowed for a baby.

BFF Katye and I decided to show DVD's of our children. 

Two words: water works.

I cried A LOT while editing his DVD.......then my OCD took over and I edited it so much that I didn't bother me anymore......but Sunday it got to me while I was holding my sweet baby.

Their wedding cake. Oops! I mean dedication cake! 

Because you can't have a party without personalized napkins. 

Jaxon Riley, Katherine Malone, Caroline Saxon.
 Best Buds already! 

The Ainsworth's and Jones'

Granna and Pops

Good times were had by all. Later that afternoon, that sweet baby of mine showed out for the fam jam by rolling over, then he decided it was a good time to hold his bottle with both hands like he is 1! When he rolled over, you would have thought he had just won a football game in the last second by the cheers coming from the peanut gallery on couch!

My fam jam finally took the hint that I was ready for a nap due to me turing off all the lights and changing into my pjs. Sweet Jaxon slept on my chest for over and hour! Sweetest.Cuddles.Ever. 

His little party wore him out! 

For this birthday party, we may just have cake and coffee! 


  1. You look great! Love your dress and your hair!

    1. Thanks woman! I mean it when I say "this old thing"??? It's YEARS old! ha!

  2. Your hair....LOVE it!!!!!! Oh how I miss you. Jaxon is just a stud muffin already! I know you are smitten! So so so happy for you dear friend!