Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mommy Moments with Meg.

The following are true statements that I'm really ashamed to even talk about. Some of them are due to the bambino, others are just pure laziness......because let's be real, at times, you just wanna take a nap snuggled up with your baby. 

- I haven't logged into our bank account since the week before Jaxon was born. If ever a time I'm thankful for my OCD Dave  Ramsey fanatic that knows of my purchases before I walk in the front's now. 

- I bought a new pair of shoes. My child threw up on them (pre surgery).....and I still wear them. 

- I tasted Jaxon's baby Tylenol. It tasted good. Like real good. 

- After H and I put Jaxon to bed...we crawl in our bed and watch videos that we have made of him. Every night I have to refrain myself from going back to his nursery and crawling up in his crib. The struggle is real. 

- I have picked boogies out of Jaxon's nose. In public. 

- My child toots like a grown man and strangers acknowledge that fact too! 

- Jaxon is going to grow up thinking that all kids take their baths in the kitchen sink..... And all moms load the dishwasher while kids bathe. 

- My child believes in power naps and not "hour" long naps. This makes my house appear like I have a bad case of ADD. Like real bad. 

-H was a single parent the day my brother got married due to me being a bridesmaid and having bridesmaid duties. I may have packed an extra Feltman Brother's outfit in the car for me to change the baby in to in case H got fed up with the buttons on the outfit that I left him to dress the baby in and said "screw it. You are going in your onesie!"

- To win the day, I cooked dinner at lunch. 

-I may have bought a few decorations for Jaxon's first birthday party yesterday. I mean.....why wait until the last minute? 

I'll be the first to admit, motherhood is hard and comical. It's the best yet most exhausting job I have ever had. Your child consumes your mind all of the time. 

"Should I have given him an extra ounce of milk? Is that why he is fussy?"

"Do I smell poop?"

"I smell poop!"

"Did I turn on the sound machine?"

"Did I pack the paci for school?"

"Dang! It's in my purse!" 

I started back to work on Wednesday. It was hard, however, I now get to eat 2 regular meals!  Plus, I actually get to sit down all day. 

I cried on Tuesday (the day before I went back to work), and I haven't cried since. On Tuesday- I declared it PJ day for me and Jaxon. I showered just to put on fresh pj's! We took a nap together in my bed and I let him sleep as long as his little heart desired.......which was an hour. I forgot Babywise that day and I did 'Meg Wise' instead. I rocked that sweet baby to sleep a few times, napped with him on my chest and put him to bed early (which backfired on me when he woke up at 1:30 am). 

Thankfully- I like his sweet daycare teachers and he smiles when I drop him off and pick him up. That makes it a little easier on me. 

I'm already thinking of cute Valentine's gifts for him to give his friends at school! And I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. 

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