Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.....

- I have kicked my dogs out. They are now 100% outside dogs. They really brought it on I don't feel guilty about this. Last week alone, Cooper bit me and Oscar pooped 4 times inside. 

New rule: if you have 4-legs, you are outside.

So,  Monday morning, I gave them some ice water and wished them the very best.
In December, I'll throw them a blanket.

- This is my first week back at work full-time. I have survived. Thankfully- I have some great co-workers and a good support system of friends. Oh, and a happy baby. I keep reminding myself that I'm not the only working mother in the world. It will be ok.

- Speaking of being ok, on Saturday afternoon, I was not. I was driving down the road and THIS happened. As I was driving. With a baby in the back.

My wheel came off and I held on tight. There are several factors that saved our lives on Saturday......One, being Jesus, the other is that I was on a road where the speed limit was 40 mph, and the cherry on top was that my parents were 1 mile away. 

My sweet child realizes that he is hungry in the most inconvenient of times. Case in point, as the wheel was falling off, he was falling apart due to hunger. When may parents arrived on scene, Mom thought Jaxon was hurt due to him crying. 


He just wants to eat while the car is in the middle of the road.  

- This is what my dining room currently looks like. 

Me and BFF Katye (along with our baby daddies), will be dedicating our children to the Lord on Sunday. Afterwards, we are hosting a joint luncheon with our families. 

This 'small and simple' luncheon now has linen tablecloths, dvds, personalized banners, embossed napkins and a caterer. 

Good times will be had by all and hopefully the babies. 

- Remember when I went to the Dr. a few weeks ago and had stitches sewn in my stomach. Yeah, I took them out myself. You know.......sometimes things hurt less when you do it vs. a nurse who is ready to go to lunch and snatches them out. Plus- ain't nobody got the time to haul a baby to the Dr. office. 

- Did you ready my Mommy Moments? Real life right there folks. 

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