Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.......

-We survived the sweet Baby Dedication and luncheon this past weekend. Good times were had by all, especially the babies. Blog post to come soon. 

- Read about Jaxon's 3-Month photo shoot here. Comical at times. 

- We are looking for a good home for our weenie dogs. They are 100% outside dogs now, however, we would like a good home where they are allowed to lay on the back of the couch and possible sleep in the bed with their new humans. For us, dogs and a baby just don't mix. The dogs are up to date on their shots and we will even send you home with a new bed and a bag of dog food! 

- Did I mention I started a new job when I returned to work from maternity leave? Yeah, I did. I don't know if I am crazy or brilliant for doing this. With my new position, I no longer have to work football game days.......which is a beautiful thing when you have a little baby that you want to hold and cuddle on Saturday mornings! 

- Football season. It is here and I am loving it. At times, there's nothing more I love than chips-n-rotel, a soft blanket while curled up on the couch and a good football game on. 

- I'm totally gonna rant for a minute because it's my blog and I reserve the right to. Here goes:

If your baby is sick, please don't send them to daycare or to the church nursery (even if it is convenient for you). 

Case in point, a baby was sick in Jaxon's class over the weekend. The mom sent the baby to school on Monday with a stomach virus. 

Guess who got the virus Monday at work?

Oh- this girl. 

I had to leave work at lunch. Then, sweet mom came over to help H  with the baby while I was in the bed curled up in the fetal position. Before she arrived to her house, she had to stomach virus too and had to miss work the next day. 

Seriously- don't send your sick child to school. 

Oh- and while I'm ranting.......why in the world do moms put on Facebook their child is sick then send them to the church nursery or to daycare? When you ask me why my child is in 'big church' with me, I'm going to respond with 'because you sent your sick child to the nursery instead of staying home.

Rant over.

Listen. I know my child is going to get sick. I realize that. However, if we can avoid it, let's try to. Let's use common sense and realize how pitiful it is when a baby has a stomach virus. Let's realize how hard it is on a mom who can't take care of her child because she is too weak to get out of bed. 

Ok. I think I'm done now. 

- I'm a planner. That's what I do. I can plan a party or meeting in a hott minute. My family has embraced my OCD tendencies and often times mock me. Case in point, my text messages with cousin Haleigh. 
(FYI: we are talking about sweet baby Jaxon)

There is probably some truth to this. I'm sure I'll be on the activities committee of the nursing home that I'll be living in. 

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