Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday......


-The Bulldogs. I can't even! Due to weddings, I haven't been to Starkville for a game this year........but I'm itching to go!!

- Sometimes when I mop the floors (like I did over the weekend), I don't move the rugs. I just mop around them. 

- And,  I clean the shower as I shower. 

- This child of mine is full of personality.  I certainly LOVE this age where he is responding to my silly songs and laughs when I talk in weird voices. 

- I started working on my Christmas card list over the weekend.
 It's never too early for prep work. 

- Jaxon finally went to the nursery at church on Sunday. 

It's sorta a funny story: he started off in big church, until he began off we go. Before I made it to the hallway of the nursery, he was asleep, so back to church I went (with him in my arms). 
I figure if anyone is gonna hold my sweet sleeping babe, it's me. 

However, he went to Sunday School with his friends and had to steal their lunch because THIS mama forgot to throw formula in his diaper bag. I poured the water in the bottle but forgot the formula! 


 I guess I was so thrilled to be "relatively" on time to church that I forgot to do a mental checklist of my child's needs. 

 I need to apologize to our fantastic music minister and assure him it isn't him or his music selection but rather its us with a slow milk drinker, an ESPN watcher and a mama that changes dresses 3 times because everything has shifted since having a baby. 

- Jax thinks it's funny that I call his bottles 'vanilla milk'. 

- The stomach virus has hit our house AGAIN! This took down H with a vengeance! He is a bad patient, but I'm an even worse nurse! I tend to just suggest meds and tell him that I hopes he gets to feeling better. I feel bad that I don't take care of him when he is sick.......because he certainly tends to me when I am......but I just can't handle it. If he "gets sick" do I. It's not a pretty thing here. 

-I'm sooo looking forward to Halloween due to my cool kid! He is gonna love it. He currently has 3 costumes. 

- A good mama makes her son's costume.....but a brilliant mama has 2 back-ups just in case her Pinterest project is a flop! 

- TV has been REALLY good to me this week. We started Monday night off with The Blacklist, then Wednesday included Modern Family and night is the mega-night of tv watching for me. 

It's really just too much excitement. I have waited MONTHS and MONTHS for tonight. 

Grey's Anatomy. I spent 3 months preparing for you. I watched reruns everyday on my maternity leave to get ready for tonight. If Jaxon isn't a Dr., I'm gonna be SHOCKED. 

Scandal. I am ready Olivia Pope. Bring it on sista. I'm ready to see what fab jackets you will be sporting and what Prade purse you will be carrying. I may have purchased my Kate Spade purse because it resembles a purse that Olivia has. 

How to Get Away with Murder. I mean, the title alone is intriguing. Who doesn't wanna learn this?!?! (kidding. soooo kiddin) 
I'm a big Shonda Rhimes I'm gonna give it a go. 

- I ordered 2 Christmas gifts on Wednesday. AND......I have 2 gifts in the closet already. Mama ain't playing around this year! I plan on spending my 2 weeks of Christmas at home in pj's with my little Mr. Man. I wanna sleep in, watch the news and take naps. It's sorta my goal to be finished with Christmas shopping at or around Thanksgiving. 

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