Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday......

1. Happy October. The month of September liked to have killed me. 


Remember....the wheel fell off my car AS I was driving it! 

Anyway, at one point during the month of Sept, I called my dad and told him to watch for me on the news that night because I was going to be the woman that keeps driving her car in and out of a brick wall. 

I had to deal with something dumb EVERY SINGLE WEEK in the month of September. Every.single.week. 

If I don't answer your phone calls or text's because I'm scared of what you are about to 'dump on my plate' or ask me to do or deal with. 

Happy October. 

Bring on the pumpkins. And the mums. And make them maroon. 

2. Speaking of pumpkins.....just look at this sweet child. 

Just look. 

I die of cuteness. And sweetness. And Go Dawgs. 

3. We had tickets to the game on Saturday. 

You know....the big State and A & M game.

 Now that we are parents, we are making sacrifices. So- we sold our tickets and we will be watching the game in our pj's on the couch with a little man sitting between us yelling for his DAWGS! And I'm totally looking forward to it! Sweet baby gets so excited and at times very serious during football games. 

Case in point, Dad texted me this pic from this past weekend when Jax had a slumber party with his Granna and Pops:

Let's analyze this pic for a moment. 
He is naked, watching football with his Sophie the Giraffe, his shirt is off to the side and he is laying on Uncle Nater's 1990 denim comforter. 

Living the dream folks, just living the dream. 

4. I couldn't stand it any I decorated my mailbox. I added my corn shocks, (which for several years, I have called them corn stalks because that makes more sense) to our buggy at Lowe's on Saturday. It was a snap decision. H gave me a look of question....and I gave him the look of 'watch it'. As we walked through the parking lot, he said: I'm not sure what you are going to do with these, but I'm sure it's a lovely Pinterest project that you doing.

That took 7 years. 

7 YEARS for him to just leave me alone and let me put pumpkins where I want, plant trees where I want, tie corn shocks/stalks to the mailbox with a big bow, etc. 

I literally high-fived him in the parking lot of Lowe's and said 'you have finally got it.' He replied with 'yes, because they are not permanent.' 

5. I was not very impressed with some of my tv viewing last week. 

Greys- seriously, another sister?!

How to Get Away with Murder- I don't think I'll be dialing it on each week. 

But- do you know who rocked it?? That would be Red Reddington on the Black List and Olivia Pope on Scandal. 

Olive Pope has her own collection at The Limited. 

I did some online shopping to order this jacket: 

But it is $250. 


I live in South MS where it is winter for about a minute. I can't justify it. 

6. Since I didn't shop for me, I did shop for my little Mr. Man. I ordered him some robot shirts because "he is totally into robots" right now. Anyway, our mail lady shoved my Target box in our mailbox and it is stuck. 

Like seriously stuck. 

So, I wrote her a love note kindly asking her to remove the box that she shoved in our box. I may have mentioned calling her boss. 

Listen. Don't mess with my Target purchases, especially when the robots are involved. 

I may have sent a pic of the letter to my friends for them to laugh about. 

7. Cooper has moved to what I am calling the "Weenie Dog Retirement Center." He is now living on the MS Gulf Coast with 2 other weenie dogs. His new home has a doggie door and he is allowed to sleep on the couch. I think it's a "win-win" all around. 

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