Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jaxon Riley- 7 Month Fun Facts


This cool kid gets more and more fun with each passing month! 

Even Happy with the mean 'ol flu bug while a tornado was outside.
Fun times people. Fun times. 

- He loves to say "mama mama" and "dada dada." If he keeps that up, he could probably talk me into taking him to Disney World.  (ok, prob not, but maybe Lego Land for sure). 

- He has decided that bananas will kill him, therefore he doesn't eat them......even if they are mixed in with something else. 

- He (like his mom), likes to sleep on his side.......with a blanket. 

- Over the weekend, we upgraded him to a convertible car seat. He seems to like his new 'captain's chair' with the cup holders. 

- He is scooting backwards but hasn't mastered crawling. 

-Weights 18 lbs and still wears size 3 diapers. 

- Still no teeth. At this rate, he will be toothless in kindergarten.....which I guess is ok considering that I didn't really grow hair until then. 

- He tried yogurt over the weekend and loved it. Of course I bought some with bananas in it! 

- He went "deer hunting" for his first time a few weekends ago. He smiled the entire time! There's no doubt he is going to be an outdoor boy! 

- He is starting to hug when you pick him up.......and it melts me. I thank him for each of these "hugs" so he knows just how important they are to me. 

Jaxon Riley- You are the heart and soul of the Jones house! Although you keep us on our toes, you make us laugh and rejoice that you are with us! Thank goodness you are an easy going baby (except for on Saturday when you melted down in Kroger and I had to race to the baby food isle and find you some snacks to tear into). 

You sweet baby.......are the answer to many many of our prayers.  

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