Thursday, October 30, 2014

Down At the County Fair.....

We took Jax to the local fair with his friends. 
We skipped last year because I was newly preggers and the thought of fried foods mixed with the smell of a petting zoo was not appealing to me.

This year was different thought. I was more excited than all of the babies that went with us! 

At first, this is what Jax thought about it:

Then, he warmed up during the Pig Races. 

The Pig Races were comical for several reasons:
1. Pigs are racing. 
2. The pigs attract a crowd. 
3. The pigs have an emcee that wears a headset mic. 

This is why I wanted to go to the Fair:

My friends, it did not disappoint. Not at all. 
The food options at the Fair are vast. 
Fried pizza, fried cheesecake, fried alligator, fried oreos.... 

Because all of the babies are little, we didn't even walk the entire Fair. We stayed close to the petting zoo and fried foods! 


The people watching that can be done at the Fair is ridiculous. It's better than the 'People of Wal-Mart'! 

The babies were mesmerized by everything. The lights.....the sounds.....the food....

I may have left with 2 candied apples and bag of cotton candy. And I may have eaten an apple for breakfast the next morning. Don't's a fruit. 

Fun times were had by all......and each year, it's just gonna get better and better! 

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