Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BabyLit Book Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a book company, BabyLit to do a blog review. 

I just love a good book review. Especially those that I can read in 5 minutes or less. 

Before Jax's books arrived, I examined their website and realized they recreate literary pieces into children's book! How neat is that! While everyone loves a good Disney book, who wouldn't want to read Alice in Wonderland or Huckleberry Fin or Sherlock Holmes, how about Pride and Prejudice. 

Y'all. They even have Sense and Sensibility. 
(Kristy Riley....I totally thought of you!)

Shut the front door! 

Because I have a little boy....and it was the month of October, they mailed us Dracula and Frankenstein. 

Frankenstein is our favorite book because it is an anatomy book. It starts at the head and moves down to the feet.........which allows us to talk about it while reading. 

The Dracula book has a lot of black and white pages.......which apparently is good for babies. And, it is centered around counting. Which is really cleaver if you ask me (Count Dracula, anyone). 

BabyLit provided us with access to a free app that allows you to build and play with Frankenstein. However, with Jax only being 5 months old, we are just reading right now and haven't introduced the iPad to him. However, the app looks adorable. The app is considered education because it provides the story as well as designing your own Frankenstein. Again, the app is recommended for ages 4+

BabyLit is a really cute company that is defiantly on to something with baby literature, then an iPad app to provide more entertainment for the babies. 

Final review: 2 thumbs up! 

Several of these books may have been Pinned to Jax's Christmas Wish Board on Pinterest. Because don't all little boys need to read Moby Dick and Huckleberry Fin? 

*Meg the Mama did receive product, but was not required to write a review. This review was written on my free time without compensation. 

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