Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.......Errr.....Friday!

First of all, can we pause for a little minute and ring our cowbells?

I mean, HOLY COWBELL! State is STILL #1 in the country! 

Lard have mercy! 

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw my post from the game:

Truth: Giving birth to Jax was less stressful than watching MSU football. 

I need the same drugs that were administered during child birth when I walk in Davis Wade Stadium. It does not help matters that we sit with friends. We add fuel to each others fire. It's fun times my friends. Fun times. 

Meanwhile, we survived Halloween. Jax invited all of his friends over for his first Halloween party. He was a bad hostess and fell asleep at 6:30 pm, however, I didn't complain. 

Just look at the sweetness of that baby! Everyday he gets sweeter and sweeter! 
Fun times were had by all and I may have taken his Halloween candy to the State game and gorged myself on it during the 4th quarter. I mean, he doesn't even have teeth yet! What's a mama to do?

I made his owl costume for Halloween. I had hopes and dreams of using the sewing machine.....but once I got started, I quickly realized the hot glue gun was going to be my trusty friend. 

Speaking of friends, several of us gather around my neighbor's dining room table twice a month and craft/sew/monogram/stitch/cuss/glue while eating and discussing life. The thing about having good friends is they will push you to be better (or maybe just make fun of you). Once I finished Jax's owl costume, I held it up and they said NO! and they provided helpful "hints"........and I was pretty pleased with the final results. 

Jax had school pics last week. I was SO stinkin' excited his school offered this! I'm holding my breath until we receive the actual photos. I'm having to refrain myself from emailing the photographer and asking her to send me a sneak peak! Because I'm a new mom, I had to order a package.......but I ordered the most basic just in case he didn't smile. 

I have already started thinking of my New Year's Resolutions. 
I sorta want to pull out one of my old resolutions from 2 years ago: Just Say No! 
I need to say no to things and spend more time at home with my people. 

The month of November is almost over. I'm in disbelief! The 1st half of this year was super slow as we waited for Jax's arrival.......but now that he is here.....everything is happening to fast! I want to put my head in the sand. 

Happy Friday er'body! My next blog post will be about my 5-month old baby. 5 MONTHS!!! Noo!!! I can't take it!

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