Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is OUR State. Wait a minute...Nation!

I grew up watching the Bulldogs play football. 
Thanksgiving night in a turkey coma, we always watched the Bulldogs play. 

Then, I went to school at MSU.......and I felt like I jinxed them. It was bad. Like real bad. 
However, I had a great time in college and didn't want football to define my time in school. 

After H and I married, we started buying our season tickets......and have kept on it for the past 7 years. This year, by far, is our favorite year. Our seats are literally beside some of our friends from college.....and to be exact, it's our friend that introduced us to each other. 

Ok. Let's chat about Saturday. 

My parentals came late Friday night and picked up the bambino. H accompanied 2 other guys and left our house around 5:30ish Sat am to make it in time for Gameday. 

That's a negative for me

I picked up my neighbor (who's husband left early with H)....and we moseyed on up to Starkville around 8am. We discussed the ISIS crisis, the mystery of North Korean's leader Kim Jong-un and foreign military chiefs. Or maybe we just discussed baby food, Christmas gifts and how we go to bed at 8pm. 

Anyway, good times were had by all. 

I used to dress up for the games. I would possibly even wear a good pair of wedges. But at 30 years old, 95 degree temps and rain in the forecast, it's shorts and a tshirt for this gal. 

The first quarter of the game was electrifying. However, I kept telling myself, if we do this in the 1st quarter, Auburn can do this in the 2nd quarter. We shut out Auburn. Shut.them.out. Zero on the score board. 

Then it was halftime and I was pretty certain that Ol' Gus Gus was trying to have the Auburn players look past his sweater vest and have them try to win the game. 

Before we left our tailgate, I consulted with H on "weather" or not I would need my rain jacket. 

See what I did there?! 
The man told me no. It wasn't going to rain. 

We stood under the stadium out of the rain for halftime and a large section of the 3rd quarter. After the game, we did snap a few photos of us in the stadium, but due to humidity that could be cut with a knife, those photos have since been deleted. 

I am so proud to be a Bulldog. This is finally OUR time. We have waited years for this......and it is happening. After the game, it delighted my heart to no end that we still had a full stadium as the band played the Alma Mater and fight song. Everyone in the stadium rang their cowbells with pride, smiles and even tears. 

As soon as we arrived home and showered, it was time to watch Gameday and relive the experience. At mom and dad's house picking up Jax on Sunday, we watched the 1st quarter again. We just can't get enough, people. 

In a way to capture the pride and love of all things MSU, the MSU Foundation sent an email soliciting a donation. In exchange of said donation, they will mail you MSU #1 stickers. 

Listen. They are the perfect stickers to slap on a onesie and have my little bambino wear as he is holding his stuffed animal bulldog and his cowbell is beside him. 

So, I "purchased" the most expensive stickers ever. 

Call me a sucker or philanthropist, either way, MSU won, Jax gets stickers and I get photos of my cute child. 

Pictures to come once the stickers arrive. 

And just because:

Hail State Everyone. 

Hail State. 

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  1. Yes! Our state is showing out for sure. The Egg Bowl this year might be out of control. It is fun seeing the state of Mississippi get recognized so much on national tv. Our state is so misunderstood across the nation. It is good to see something positive. I am a new follower from the Mississippi Women Bloggers page. I, too have wienie dog for which I adore. She has a little attitude from time to time, but nothing that a little treat or a toy can't fix. Hope you will stop by and pay me a visit. Glad I found you on here.