Friday, October 17, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.....On Friday.

- On Tuesday afternoon, my Auburn neighbor brought over this lovely dessert due to our friendly bet and State winning:

I have ate this dessert with every meal since Tuesday night. 
No shame here. 

- P!nk has a new album and I squealed with delight when I first listened to it! 
It's magnificent and magical and very surprising. 

It's John Mayer meets Colbie Caillat. Sorta. 
I'm bad at descriptions. 

I may listen to this album everyday. Twice. 

- So my dad has been making these pumpkins. 

At this point, he is only making them for me, mom and my sis-in-law. However, I told dad that he could 'Pinterest the heck out of these and make a small fortune!'

- One of my BFF's will be having her sweet baby boy next week. I'm so sad that I can't visit her in the hospital I just can't stand it! (She is in Dallas, I am in MS).

- This weekend is the Walley Family Fall Festival. When I was growing up, I had A LOT of cousins my same age and we all lived within a mile from each other. Well, now, all of the cousins are having babies and we love to give those sweet kids reasons to play together. Therefore, my Aunt is hosting 'The Walley Family Fall Festival.' Jax is ready for his very 1st hay ride. 

- My Erin Condren 2015 planner should arrive next week.......and I may have already bought some washi tape to accessorize it the minute I take it out of the box. 

-Did you read my blog post on the Bulldogs? I'm like a proud mama! 

- I have come to a stand still on my Christmas shopping. I was on a roll.....then halted because I'm at a loss at what to buy for some family members........which then begs the question, why do we even do gifts as adults?

- Here are the outtakes of Jax's 4 month photo:

This sweet baby is nothing but pure sunshine on a cool Fall day! 

When I picked him up from school on Tuesday, he was watching a movie with the big kids! Melt my heart......he was loving it and smiling and talking to everyone. 

- This weekend last year, as we celebrated Dad's birthday, his gift was a cake announcing that Jaxon was on his way! This year, since I can't top that......he is getting the Sports Illustrated with MSU on the cover. Oh, and he gets to take Jax on a hay ride. They will both beam over that. 

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