Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jaxon Riley- 6 Month Fun Facts.....

This sweet child has been living in our house for 6 months! 
I just can't believe it! 

-He is still wearing size 3 diapers

-Weighs 17 lbs! 

-Wears 9-12 month clothes

-His height is to the point that we are about to upgrade his carseat

-He LOVES to untie his shoes! 

- He is sorta drinking out of a sippy cup, and he will GET DOWN on english peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, peaches, pears, applesauce, bananas, strawberries and avocado.

-He has the sweetest little giggles and belly laughs. He is obsessed with his dad and is mesmerized by Oscar.......however, Oscar isn't fond of him at.all.!

-This sweet buddy loves to be held and cuddled on.........and THIS mama is soaking it all in. I don't mind if he sleeps on my chest during our Sunday naps and drools all over my shirt! I've waited a LONG time for this!

- 6 month shots are next week :(  

- Still no teeth

-He is doing pretty good at sitting up on his own and he can roll all over like a champ. 

- He took his 1st trip to New Orleans and met up with cousin Baylor. Jax thought Bay-Bay was so funny and he wants to be a big kid now. 

I forgot to pack his socks and shoes. Rookie mistake. However, it was 80 degrees in December! 

Christmas is gonna be so much fun with this kid! I can't wait to wake him up on Christmas morning......however, 
the odds are that he will wake me up! 

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  1. BLESSED!!!! Thank You LORD!!! .......GRANNA