Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jaxon Riley- 9 Month Fun Facts

On March 9th, sweet little monkey man turned 9 months old. 

- Wears size 4 diapers and weighs 20 lbs. 

- Can no longer wear some 12 month clothes

Jaxman and BayBay are excited about another boy cousin to play with! 

- Pretty much kept an ear infection until tubes. 

This was before the anesthesia rocked his little world. 

- LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches! 

- At 8.5 months, he had his first hair cut!

- He is starting to say 'bye bye'

The sign of a good day at school.....is how dirty your socks are! 

- He will crawl to Oscar's pen and let him out and laugh about it. It's his favorite part of his afternoon.

- Only wants to feed himself. 

-He will pretty much eat anything. It did take him a day to warm up to pb&j's.....but, he is his father's child....and he now likes them. 

-Takes 1 bottle a day, which is his night bottle. He loves his sippy cups, which breaks my heart, yet it gives me more cabinet real-estate again. 

This photo makes me tear up because one day he will be sitting in his real car with a baseball cap on waving bye to me. 

This photo cracks me up because I can tell that he is loosing his chubby cheeks and Buda Belly since he is crawling around EVERYWHERE! 

I may have already printed his birthday party invites, food cards and bought party accessories. I can not confirm nor deny that I have been sewing some table runners and bought his outfit. This is one excited mama! 

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