Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.....

This week has done me in. 

1. Teething is going to be the death of me and Jax. It's so bad at our house that I'm starting to wear wrinkle cream repair at night. 

This kid LOVES LOVES LOVES his dad. They are 2 peas in a pod......but at midnight, when teeth are breaking the skin of his gums.....he only wants mama. 

Sweet buddy now has 4 teeth, and they all came at a bad crying price to him. Thankfully, the past 2 nights he has slept through the night again. I probably just jinxed myself here. 

2. I have lost a formal dress. If have loaned you my most favorite cream colored dress, please return it. I have racked my brain in trying to remember where it is. I have called all of the cleaners.....and nothing. I've got nothing. 

3.  Tuesday night, I made hamburgers and wrapped them in whole wheat pizza dough and baked them. Genius. They were so good. It was sorta like a hamburger pocket. 

4. So....this is happening at my house: 

5. This is my life, summed up in a text message with my baby daddy: 

Apparently- H and I love to use emojies. A lot. 

6. Jax's Paw-ty (it's obviously dog themed) is pretty much planned at this point. Birthday party #2 will probably just be cake and ice cream with the family on a Sunday afternoon. I'll be the first to admit, this party is a little out of control. But- in my defense......I have waited a long time to throw a birthday party.....and's gonna be big (at least by my standards). I've enlisted the help of my dad with wooden blocks for games and stands to hang signs from. As long as I say "It's for Jax" he will pretty much do anything. 

7. After I sold my kidney for my monogram machine, I kindly asked H if we could pre-purpose the office in our house that he hasn't used since September to be my craft room. Currently- my craft room is the walk-in closet in his office. I painted it the brightest robins-egg blue I could find, and H even hung a chandelier in the closet for me. However, my craftiness is expanding- thus my space needs to as well. In the midst of office and craft chaos on Sunday afternoon....... this kept the 2 little weenies happy for 10 minutes: 

8. Easter Photos. Jax will cooperate until he decides not to anymore. This where he decided not to anymore. 

9. My mom is very sentimental. I am not. I'm so bad that my friends make fun of me for not keeping items they think I should. 

Saturday morning, I sipped my coffee at my parents house out of a mug from my 10th grade trip to NYC. We stopped in PA at the Hershey Factory. Mom saved it. 

10. Speaking of my dear sweet mom- I left my phone charger at my house, so I borrowed hers. This is it: 

Red. Rope. Light. 

It honestly scared me. It was dark in my bedroom and then I plugged it in.....and all of a sudden, I felt the urge to have a dance party at 10 pm. 

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