Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jaxon's Spring Photos

Taking photos of sweet Jaxon Riley can be comical. It takes a village with that child. A.Village. 

For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to for me to just "quickly" snap some Easter photos of Jax.


I lost my mind. 

Sweet Buddy was more interested in the green grass than staring up at his mama. 

It was prob a bad idea to take these photos at his 6 pm dinner time. 

I just kept envisioning my sweet baby sitting in his basket. What I didn't calculate is that fact that he is WAY too big for his basket. Everytime he would bend down.....he would bump his head on the handle! He couldn't figure out what was happening! ha! 

 And this is what he really thinks about Easter photos: 

*disclaimer: I didn't edit any of the outtakes...

HOWEVER: just before dialing up my photographer frand Jennifer that's on retainer......

This happened: 

Sweetest Baby Ever! 

Please notice how he is holding his sweet chubby hands!

The right hand on his knee about did me in! I can't even deal with how cute this child is!

And mama was satisfied!  I have the sweetest little buddy! While editing his Spring photos.....I may have shed a tear. My baby isn't so little anymore. 

Normally- I would text my dear frand Jennifer and she would meet me at a random gas station, then follow me to a barn that's in the middle of no-where and take our photos. 

Christmas 2014- photo cred: Jennifer Parnell

But- with a 9 month old......you never know how things are going to turn out. Everyone could end up crying or it could be the best day ever. 

To further show my "professional" skills, let's analyze this pic:

The main backdrop I wanted to use for his photos......I left at home. I took 1 million photos that have already landed in a photo book. 

Hoppy Easter! And don't worry, Jennifer has already been booked for his birthday party. This mama certainly knows her limits. 

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