Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Recap

So- last Wednesday, at 3 am, I woke up with a double ear infection like I was 5 years old. It was the worst pain ever. At one point, I told H  that I would rather give birth again than have to deal with the throbbing pain of an ear ache. 

Of course, H had just left on a business trip and my parents were out of town. So that just leaves me and Jax. All alone while I'm sick. Welcome to motherhood. While laying in bed at 4 am, I thought about getting up and taking a lortab.  Then, I decided it's probably not a good idea to take a heavy pain narcotic due to the fact I needed to drive Jax to school and myself to the Dr. So instead, I popped 3 tylenol and hoped for the best. 

A few hours later, the doctor diagnosed with me a sinus and double ear infection. Fun times my friends. Fun times. 

Fast's Easter weekend....and I still can't hear and I still feel terrible. BUT- that didn't stop us from attending 2 Easter Egg hunts and a sweet birthday party! 

For your viewing pleasure: 

The Peep Show at the Walley Easter Family Picnic
Why thank you Pinterest. Thank You. 

Sweet Boy Cousins. Next year, they will have 2 more boy cousins to play with! 

My sweet Aunt was previously a cosmetologist.......check out her middle egg. "Crack" me up!! 

These are the eggs that Jax "decorated" with his truck stickers! 

Bay Bay may very well be the reason Jax walks early! Jax wants to go everywhere he goes! 

Easter basket from Granna and Pop's! 
Do you see the Jelly Beans in Jax's basket?? I told mom NOT to buy Jax any candy because I would not give it to him. So- she bought 'peas and carrots' Jelly Beans. That woman is always pushing the envelope when it comes to being a grandmother! I think she enjoys this a little too much! 

Well just melt my heart! 

Sweet little buddies in their matching shirts! 

Sometimes, I have brilliant ideas. Then, I stay up an extra 2 hours with an ear ache making matching shirts for the little buddies to wear! I thought it would be so sweet for them to match! Then.....everything went wrong with my machine! I make no promises on making 4 shirts next year. If I do- I probably need to start NOW! 


  1. I hope you're feeling better. Adult ear infections are NO JOKE. Looks like you had a lovely Easter despite not feeling great. I love the picture of Jaxon with the live bunny - he looks so happy!! The Easter shirts turned out really cute so get started on the ones for next year :)

    1. Hi Whitney!! I'll say that I'm about 50% better. Thanks for the compliments on the shirts! They were a labor of love! I announced to the family that everyone can have 1 free item....and after that, I'll start charging! ha!