Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday......

- As you know, I was in Huntsville last weekend......which means H was at home being a single dad. On Thursday morning before my trip, he asked if Jax and I would go to the grocery store on our way home from work/school. He wanted me to pick up some "necessities" for the weekend while he was single parenting. 

This was his list:
-sandwich meat
-sliced cheese
- pizza
-jelly (for pb&j's)
-cinnamon rolls

Prior to H's grocery list, I wasn't the least bit concerned with his parenting abilities. Not the slightest. After carefully reviewing his grocery list.....I realized it was going to either be a Bachelor Weekend with a marathon of Veggie Tales or H was trying to simply survive. 

I'm happy to report, everyone survived, was fed, bathed and clothed when I returned on Sunday. 

I have left Jax several times before .....however, this one seemed to effect him the most. The little buddy hugged me and kissed me non-stop until he went to bed at 6:15 pm Sunday night!

 As soon as I arrived home, I clocked back into parenthood so H could clock out and go play golf.  Around 5:30ish, I texted H and asked what in the world did they do all weekend for Jax to be this tired and already showing signs of wanting to go to bed. 

H replied back: everything. 

Speaking of texts from my man......While sitting in the conference in Huntsville soaking up the Word of God, my phone vibrates and this commences:

I hate autocorrect. I makes me look like I don't have a college degree. Or two. 

Again- this further showcases mine and H's love of emojies! 

- Meanwhile, in Huntsville: 

Sweet Emmaline seemed to love her off-centered popsicle shirt from Auntie Meg! 

When I walked in the guest room, sweet Mar had a birthday gift waiting for me! And, there was even a happy for Jax! 

We may have celebrated my 25th (plus a few years) birthday while eating/cooking at The Melting Pot. Since I'm not above double-dipping, this was the best option! 

-BFFS Katye and Mary. This is BFF Katye #2. BFF Katie #1 lives in Dallas. If I can't have one Katie/Katye, I simply call the other one up to fill the void. 

-I could not drive home fast enough to get to this nakey buddy! He LOVES his water table and sometimes he wants to just take his bath in the driveway.....so he will pour water on top of his head, then look at me for approval and laugh. 

- So I celebrated my birthday this week. 

My sweet man says: I was going to buy you diamond earrings, but when me and Buddy went to the jewelry store, we couldn't commit, so we left. 

I had a blank stare. 

I was waiting for the follow up sentence or the 'black box' to come from behind his back. 

Instead, he says: so I didn't buy you any earrings. 

Again. Blank stare. 

He did ask me to send him some photos of what I have in mind. Although I may have told him: Yo! take my cz studs to the jewelry store and ask them to simply swap them out for real ones. 

Here's to hoping for Mother's Day! Let a girl wish. 

- Last week- the ABC network pretty much broke my heart with Patrick Dempsey. I thought I was the last remaining viewer of Grey's Anatomy. I have literally watched the show since the pilot episode. I set through (and fast forwarded) the musical episode. I have watched a plane crash, bombings, hook-ups, break ups and more drama rama that I care to deal with...........and THIS happens?! Oh heck no! 

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  1. Grey's Anatomy is killing me lately. I'm a big fan and I just cannot take this sadness. Where can the show possibly go from here?!?!?! And with a new baby?? Oh the tears... Glad your boys survived their weekend alone :)