Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.....

-Well, I made it through Derek Shepard's funeral last week without crying. It may had something to do with the Snicker's Ice Cream bar I was eating on thought. 

- How true is this:

- Well, Katy Perry, you have now provided me with craft ideas of what to do with my empty spray paint cans:

- Speaking of spray paint cans, my neighbor was trashing this, so I picked it up for my child. I'm not above a dumpster (well, really curb) diving. 

I'm terrible at BEFORE pics, so I snapped this one obviously after I hit go on the paint. 

Clearly thrilled about his new wheels! 

- Last Friday- for my birthday, dad came over and pressured washed my house while I did some yard maintenance and clean up. You know you are getting old when for your birthday, you ask for manual labor and a babysitter. 

Somehow, I got into the poison ivy. It is now on my wrist and arm and it itches like crazy! 

So, my mom kept baby Jax on Friday night so Saturday I could actually COMPLETE up some home projects. Let's be real here, doing any type of project with a crawling baby that loves his mama so much he wants to love on her all the time really doesn't end well. 

I was a mad woman on Saturday making 12 tea towels, 6 freezer meals, grocery shopping and other small projects around the house that I have been neglecting. I started some birthday projects and even broke out the spray paint. 

- This pretty much sums me up right now: 
Pre monogram machine, I would go to bed around 8pm or 8:30ish......these days, it's more like 10 pm! I don't even recognize myself! 

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  1. spray paint project! love the PINK hubs!!! lol granna