Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Bottle Review.

While I was pregnant with Jax.....I knew NOTHING about feeding a baby. However, I knew in my mind we needed to do a bottle from Day 1. Not only was I going back to work in 3 months, but H and I were taking a trip to Memphis when Jax was only 4 weeks old. 

Being a first time mom, I literally thought: go to the store, close your eyes and pick a bottle for your baby to use. They are all about the same. 

Luckily- my neighbor (who is a mom of twins) recommended and gave us some Tommee Tippee bottles. I have always used my neighbor has my 'Consumer Reports'.  I let her do all of the research and I just buy what she buys. 

I naively thought that I needed a TON of bottles. 

Listen to me people. Less is more here. Especially if you have good bottles to begin with. 

I used Tommee Tippee. I used these bottles for the following reasons: 

Jax was fed both breastmilk and formula out of these bottles. Granted, it was more work on my part as his mom, but the last thing I wanted was for my mom to call me while I was in Memphis telling me come home because my sweet babe wouldn't take a bottle. I literally packed a bottle in my hospital bag when delivering Jax. 

One day while in Babies R Us, I found these fine gems:

Best. Things. Ever. Put the formula in the dispenser, then, drop it in the bottle for less clutter in the diaper bag! Hello! Yes! 
Before sweet babe realized that sleeping though the night was the cool thing to do, I would even prep his night time bottle with the dispensers. At 2 am, it's much easier to just pour then to measure. 
I loved these so much that I've already loaned them to my well as all of our bottles. 

Some things I learned along the way:
- if you can get by without putting the bottles in the it. Our bottles had hard water stains by the time I was ready to pack them up. I'm pretty sure it's not a Tommee Tippee thing because our glass wear has stains too. 

With baby #2....I'll probably hand wash their bottles. 

- When traveling for the day, just take 1 bottle and a bottle of water with you. New Mom Meg didn't think that one through the first few outings. I thought I needed a new sanitary bottle every time. 

- When you are ready to transition your baby from bottle to sippy......start off with some water and throw in a piece of ice so it will make noise. Do ice water for a few days, then maybe put some formula after that. Each child is different, but that worked like a charm for us! 

Sweet sweet proof that we DID in fact use and love Tommee Tippee! 


-Two thumbs up on the bottles and formula dispensers. 

-I'm neutral on a lot of the "unnecessary" accessories like the bottle warmer, etc. I sorta feel: to each their own. I always used room temp water. 

- The sippy cups seem to have a fast flow that Jax wasn't ready for until now at 11 months. 

- Oh- and I loved the fact Tommee Tippee offers up different flow grades of nipples for the bottles. When Jax had stomach issues, the Pediatrician recommended using some cereal in his bottles to help him keep the milk down. So- we upgraded to the (X) bottle top when we would do that. 

For more information on Tommee Tippee, check them out here:


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