Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby.

Jaxon Riley-

Today is your day. Today is your birthday. Your birthday was by far the best day of my life. I had imagined your birthday for YEARS! I had longed for it and prayed for it. And although it was crazy at times and terribly was perfect. I want to relive it everyday. I want to feel the anticipation and nervousness and surprise all over again. My prize at the end of the day was you. I won the baby lottery. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell

Exactly one year ago, I was soaking in your sweet little smell and soft tender voice. I was busy counting your toes and fingers over and over again. For the longest, I called you my kitten because when you slept, you actually purred like a kitten. Sometimes you still do that and it makes me cry. I hear it over the baby monitor and I'm overcome with gratitude from God for placing you with me and your dad. 
Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell
Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell

Your daddy and I were so excited to call you our own on June 9, 2014. You were a mini version of him. 
You have provided us with the best year of our life! You have been the sweetest baby and helped eased us into parenthood. Your sweet spirit is contagious. You have an independent yet laid back soul. From the moment you could stretch your arms to touch your bottle, you have wanted to assist in feeding yourself. You tried your very best to walk at 10 months old, but you love having the support of someone. I'm grateful that I'm able to support you as you walk down the hallway in your footed pjs. 

You, Jaxon Riley,  are the answer to all of my midnight prayers. 
Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell

You are the reason that I wiped away my tears. You helped me beat infertility. 
Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell
You are the sweet baby that calls me ma-ma and melts my heart.

Jesus heard my prayers and blessed them 10 fold. He not only granted me a baby, he gave me YOU! 

You certainly enjoy the company of others and love to explore. Being outside is your element. 
Photo credit: Jennifer Parnell

You and Oscar have a strange relationship. You love him BIG and he loves the thought of you. 

Sweet Baby, you were once the size of an English Pea, and now you weigh 24 pounds (just as much as some 2 year olds). 

You enjoy reading in the car, even if your book is upside down. 

Your first year of life has been the fastest year of mine. I want to do it again and again. I pray every day that I am the mother that you need me to be. I pray that you will always feel safe and loved in our home. I pray that you will always have love and laughter to come home to. 

No matter how many more babies I have, you will always be my first baby love. You are my walking crawling miracle. You are my baby, and I will always love you. Those two things I know for certain. 

Happy Birthday Monkey! You are one LOVED little boy! 


  1. So sweet! I cannot believe he is ONE! CG will be THREE in September! Ahhh! Time flies. He's a cutie. Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

    1. Why are our babies getting BIG?!? My heart can't handle it!

  2. He is really very cute!! These photographs are just stunning. I would like to watch more photographs. Anyway, my cousin also gave birth to a baby son. She had a hard time struggling with infertility. So she hosted such a grand party at one of the huge event rooms for rent in Chicago.