Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday.....

- Hello. I'm Meg. And I have a PayPal problem. 

This doesn't even show the rest of the month of May.....AND the month of June! 

- Hobby Lobby. They make me want to breathe in a bag. They have Christmas and Fall decorations out already. Can we just wait a minute? Can we gripe about the summer for a while before you bring out the pumpkins?!?

-Meanwhile on this week's addition of 'Dumpster Diving in the Neighborhood', this was snagged. Thank goodness my partner-in-crime neighbor carried it down the street for me! I just love a good ol' neighbor! 

- Have I mention this was waiting at our house on Mother's Day after church?!? 

Nothing says: Thanks for being the best mother ever to our son quite like a washer and dryer! In H's defense, I wanted it. He also saved the day with a gorgeous hand-stamped necklace with our 3 names around the base of a tree! I didn't have time to cry because we hosted Sunday lunch for our sweet Mama's! I made poppy-seed chicken and sides, etc for our meal. While adding the crackers on top, I realized I needed more crackers. So- what's the chef to do?!? Oh, you know, just add her son's Sesame Street crackers to the top. We literally ate Elmo and Big Bird's face. 

Lesson of the day: just because you have a box of crackers doesn't mean that you have a full box of crackers. 

- I love living in a neighborhood. It's where I belong. However, the bad part of living in a hood is when good neighbors move away. I'm finally getting out of the funk I was in when our neighbors moved. They were the best and their sweet girls were even better. Our sweet neighbors gave Jax a little parting gift: 

He LOVES his new swing set. I think Jax will start expecting parting gifts from all neighbors when they move. 

- I have some of the best friends ever. They are so giving and selfless. When I'm in a bind, they will literally go pick my child up from school for me! When I ask them to drop what they are doing and go right then and pick up Jax, they reply with: "I'm walking out the door with goldfish now!" Then, when I pick him up from their house, he is having the best time and doesn't want to leave! Thank goodness for Aunt Missy, her goldfish, dog and sweet girls! It takes a village. Literally. 

- Here's a sneak peak of some of Jax's Birthday Paw-Ty pics! 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell

Photo Credit: Jennifer Parnell

- A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a blog post about: 

Here's the truth, I'm not really impressed. They lost with me the title. After I started flipping through it, I quickly realized this cookbook REALLY isn't for dads. With the exception of my own dad, I don't know any dad that would be making Easy Ricotta Gnocchi with Browned Butter, Herbs and Cheese (pg. 138). Remember the last time I went out of town and H took my veggie and organic eating little buddy to Taco Bell?!?! Oh, I certainly remember. 

Now, don't get me wrong here. The book is stylish and has good slick pages and great photos, but, don't try to market it to dad's. Market it to mom's. And you know what else, they should have named it: ALL OF THE KID FOOD YOU SEE ON PINTEREST. And their by line could have been: Bounded in a book so you don't need your phone! 

I probably would have bought the book then. 

It's easy recipes. Pg. 107 is Apple Pie in a Bag. You literally put sliced apples in a ziplock and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them. Easy peasy. 

Pg. 91 is a recipe on how to make your own hummus. Again, I don't see dad's blending up chickpeas. 

However, this book is full of easy ideas like: Ice Cream Mud Pie. 
Ice Cream. Oreos. Gummy Worms. Mom's the hero. 

So final thought: Not a bad book if you buy it for easy kid meals in mind. DON'T buy it for your man as a Father's Day gift when he is secretly wanting a Yeti Cooler or Big Green Egg. He may be slightly disappointed. 

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