Monday, June 22, 2015

Chizi's Tale Book Review

We love books at our house. 

We even have a special place for them in Jax's room. 
He loves to read me, and I enjoy doing the same with him, but with my books turned right side up. 

Jax loves animals. I mean, he LOVES them big! When neighbors walk their dogs, he has to pet them, then he cries when they walk away. So- any book that is about animals of any sort is on our radar and reading list. 

I digress. When the author of Chizi's Tale contacted me about a book review, I said SURE! Send my little buddy a free book to read. I'll be happy to jot down my thoughts. 

Here are my thoughts:

- Y'all. This book is about a rhino. It isn't your typical dog or cat book. It's a rhino book. If you have an older child, this is a great little book to introduce them to other animals. AND, I would even suggest pairing it with a trip to zoo if your child is a visual learner. 

- It's a true story about a orphaned black rhino that was separated from his mother when he was a day old. Can we pause for a moment and let our hearts continue to break?!?! The Park Ranger that discovers him takes him home to his family. Let's pause for another moment. 

Ummm....No! I immediately think of Mammie on Gone with the Wind. I would have to tell H: "But I don't know nuffin' about raisin' no rhino's"!  He becomes the family pet. THE FAMILY PET! 

-This is a super cute book for school age children. This would be a great book to start a discussion about adoption of an incoming family pet. Or, upcoming trip on a Disney Safari! 

-The illustrations are wonderful: 

While it's a little over my child's head, we are going to put it on the top shelf of the book case and re-read it when he is older. However, he LOVES the rhino stuffed animal! 

Overall: 2 thumbs up! This may be bought for some birthday presents from Jaxon! 

You can buy the book here from Amazon. 

To read more about Chizi's Tale, check out the book's website

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