Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Stay at Home Mom Edition.

Below are Facebook statuses that I never found the time to actually post. 

1- That time you wished your hubby a Happy Birthday. But, you are a week early do to reading the wrong week of your planner. 

2- No matter what Jax has screamed about for the past 2 hours, seeing him in footed pjs cancels out all of his wrong doings. 

3- I'm still trying to live by the mommy advice of: When the baby sleeps, you sleep. 
I may have taken 2 naps yesterday. 

4- CVS: Pull it together. The only reason I didn't crawl through my car window and into your pharmacy to fill my own prescription was due to the fact my child was watching the Christian show Veggie Tales. The cucumber held me back! 

5- Does a Nutragrain bar count as breakfast?

6- That time you lose the dog for HOURS only to find him in the garage and not remember how he got there! 

7- I have moved my sweet child's bed time up by 30 minutes. Mama just needs a minute. Sooner. 

8- Hurry up Grey's Anatomy! I'm READY!! I've made peace about McDreamy. 

9- I envy my child's social calendar. 2 parties in 1 day. 

10- I eat a box of Snicker's ice cream a week. How about that for clean eating. 

11- BOOM! I bought 2 Christmas gifts this week. #winfortheweek

12- I started a new Bible Study this week and packed 3 colored pens in my purse for the study. #nerd 

Happy Thursday! It is Thursday....right?!

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