Sunday, September 20, 2015

Catching Up on Life. And Blogging. And Cleaning.

I'm behind on blogging because of, well, LIFE! 

I'm busier now as a SAHM than I have ever been. 

I have always used my blog as a what it's intended for: an online journal. 

But y'all! Lord have mercy on how behind I am. 

So much has happened that I haven't blogged about. 

- Anniversary trip back in JULY! 
- Dallas Trip back in AUGUST! 

So, I'm just gonna take baby steps and get caught up. 

Here goes: 

As you know, I was a week early on wishing my main squeeze a happy birthday.
Well, on his actually birthday, Pizza Hut gave us food poisoning and we are still trying to recover from it. I'm currently on one couch and he is on the other. 

H has always said that I'm a bad patient, but I truly beg to differ. I like to be left alone in a dark cold room with a tv remote. H likes to be petted and checked on. Every hour. 

This past week, H worked from home and it threw me off my game. My weekly routine was SHOT! This was the first time for him to work from home and I'll admit, it was strange. On top of that Jax was sick and then H and I became sick. I need to re-do of the week. 

Here's to hoping for a better week where I can actually look at my checklist and mark at least one thing off. 

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