Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday......

1. THIS cool kid attended his first MSU football game.

He was a little champ and wiggle worm. When we walked in the stadium, he was in awe. He was quiet for several minutes just looking around. He kept saying "ball, ball" and "dog dog." For whatever reason, he repeats himself twice. It's probably due to the fact that I'm constantly repeating myself twice to him and H.

We stayed until halftime so he could watch the band preform. It's safe to say that was his favorite.

2. In Bible study last Tuesday, we talked about God being faithful. I shared the bullet point story of our journey to Jaxon and how faithful God was.  I'm thinking I should do another blog post about how at times I didn't understand God nor his timing, however, he was still faithful to us.

3. This weekend is going to wear me out. My sweet child's social schedule is crazy. I seriously don't know how moms of multiple children fit it all in during the week and weekend.

4. Just call me Hazel because I have deep cough at night that won't go away.

5. Do you ever feel like your boss doesn't appreciate your hard work? Well, that's how I feel after I mop the kitchen floor and Jax throws his dinner on the floor to feed the "dog dog."

6. On Monday morning, our DVR box died along with a little part of my heart. Talk about first world probs! It's s good thing I watched Greys and Scandal last week in "real time". 

7. Did you read my blog post about "Doing Dallas and how Dallas Almost Did Me In?" 

8. Yesterday I went back to the fair. And bought 2 more candied apples. I ate one while watching The Good Wofe and I plan on eating the other one tonight during Greys! 

Happy Thursday Er'body! 

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