Sunday, October 25, 2015

Colored Butterbeans.

I grew up in the country. 

When I say country, I mean dirt road country. 

Every Sunday when I was a little girl, my sweet grandmother would make some type of peas for Sunday lunch. It was always a staple. 

I'm still giving my neighbor credit from the ziplock bags of great food she gave before she moved. 

You know the butter beans will taste good when they come in a ziplock bag. 

Here's my recipe for no fail Butter Beans:

-Chicken Broth (if you feel fancy, simply make your own)
-Sausage or Bacon
-Of course, Butta'
-and your beans

Then, just boil the beans. 

Cook 'em until they are good and tender. Generally, 20 or 25 minutes work just fine. 
These would be great as a side dish on a Thanksgiving table. 

Happy Foodie Friday! 

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