Monday, October 26, 2015

Things I Learned My 1st Year of Motherhood.


I learned a lot in year 1. 

I mean, A LOT! I learned so much that I think it warrants a blog post. 

1. You don't need a bunch of newborn diapers. Honestly- it's ok if you don't have any. Most hospitals use size 1 diapers. 

2. You don't need a bunch of bottles either. The more you have, the more you have to wash. 

3. Less is more. And borrow & return. Baby gear is just a phase. Unfortunately. 

4. Anytime you use a anti-biotic, use a pro-biotic. Here's my favorite: 

You can put this in a bottle, or mix it in with food. You (and your sweet baby) will thank me for this tip. I'm gonna file this under: A MUST for little babies. 

5. Find a safe person, and ask them all of the questions you think are dumb. You need a safe zone that is judgement free. Other mothers have gone before you, they may have the answer that you are seeking. 

6. Pack up and be ready to walk out of the Dr. office before the 1st shot goes in the leg. At Jax's 1-year appt., I had his backpack on with a milk cup in my hand ready to go. 

7. Have fun. It's not all roses everyday. Somedays, you will go to bed feeling defeated. Other days, you totally rock mommy-hood and your child ranks you up there with Elsa and Curious George. During the summer months, throw out the schedule. Give water hose showers on the back porch. Give them a pop-sicle to get messy with. THAT'S what they remember. 

8. Juice provides nothing but a suga' high for your baby. Save yourself the headache of an afternoon (or day) where you child bounces off the walls and then crashes. Both of you will end up crying. 

9. ALWAYS keep an emergency bag in your car. Always. My $2 little bag from Hobby Lobby always has a couple of diapers, a 99cent pack of wipes and onesie in it. 

10. You get a re-do everyday. Babies are sorta like puppies. Sorta. They love you despite of your screw ups like a puppy does. I can't use my dog as an example here because he is 8 years old and remembers everything and holds grudges for days. Anyway, everyday is a new day. It's a fresh beginning and you get to make the most of it with you little one. 

Motherhood is wonderful and scary and rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. If you worry about the well being of your child, you are a good mom! If you are exhausted at the end of day, you are a good mom! If you tear up when your baby holds your hand, you are a good mom! Don't compare yourself or your baby. Everyone and every situation is different. Don't let comparison steal of joy of your motherhood. Sadly, it goes by too fast. 


  1. There really is so much to learn and love about that first year. It's exciting and exhausting. I have never used probiotics with Olive so I'm going to have to keep that in mind. I also agree about borrowing things when you can - luckily we are on the baby end of the cousin train :) Our emergency diaper/wipe/outfit back is always stocked and ready to go in the car.

    1. Your comments: YES and YES!! It's the best job with the most exhausting side effects!