Thursday, October 29, 2015

Granna & Pop Camp.

(I'm cleaning out my Draft Box in my blogging account......and I ran across this gem that I started while H and I were on vacay back in July................)

((My baby looks little in these photos))

My child loves his grandparents, and they love him back 100 times more. Sooo much more they allow him do whatever he wants. He is called 'The Prince' and their goal to make him happy.

Case in point:

Dad texts me while in the Mexico, "Just a little organic blueberry breakfast".......

They allow my child to play with the water hose WITH clothes and a regular diaper on. 

He gets to play pretend that he's mowing the grass.  

'Granna & Pop Camp" spoiled by child beyond belief. It took 2 weeks to undo what they did in 1 week. I had to reestablish bed time and nap time and encourage veggies again! 

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