Sunday, November 1, 2015

Round 2: Dallas, Day 1

Be careful what you say, because it can back fire in a minute when you have a baby. 

Me and H: Oh, sweet Jaxon was an angel baby on the 7 + hour car ride to Dallas. 

Me and H at dinner: silence

Do you know why it was silence? It's because I was outside with a toddler explaining to him that he was being bad and it was hurting mommy's feelings. 

He was so bad that we ordered our dessert to go. 
I wasn't going to let a toddler ruin my chocolate mouse cheesecake. 

For crying out loud (literally), give mama a moment and a slice of cake. GEEZ!  

Seriously though, the car ride was great! This was our 2nd trip to Dallas and Big Buddy slept from Vicksburg, MS to Shreveport, LA. From our home to Vicksburg, he watched movies and from Shreveport to Dallas he ate snacks and watched movies. 

When we arrived at dinner, someone took over my child's body and mind and reminded us it was Halloween week! There was a moment where I gazed into my hot husband's eyes and said: I don't know if I should cry, cuss, drink or smoke- my nerves are that shot. 
I'm happy to report, the Lard took over and calmed my nerves and gave me a moment of clarity to simply order cheesecake. 

Day 1 is done. Amen and amen. And lets pause and thank the Lard for chocolate. 

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