Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Round 2: Dallas Day 2

Before we left our 800 square foot 'home away from home'........Jax and I had a little meeting.

Mama needed to set the ground rules.
The sweet child listened. 

Rule #1: If you want to see the 'Moo-Moo's", you have to listen to mama and follow directions. 

Rule #2: Don't whine. If mama can't WINE, you can't WHINE. Kapish! 

Rule #3: Don't bite Greyson. 

Well, this isn't looking good.

At the petting zoo, there were no cows. Only goats, sheep and a weird looking chicken. 

Obviously my child didn't know what to think about this discovery.

 His personality makes me laugh out loud everyday! He laughs hard, dances like his dad, talks as much as his mom and wants to be in the middle of the party. 

The Dallas Arboretum was gorgeous! My child thought all of the pumpkins were placed there for him! He needed to inspect each of them....then try to carry them around. 

Pure sweetness! I hope these little boys are as good friends as their mamas are! 

At the risk of sounding like a maw-maw, the weather was perfect. 
It was so perfect we ordered grilled cheese sandwiches (with bacon) and picnicked on a park bench. 

I'm forever grateful of the memories that we are making while crashing business trips with H. 

This may be the photo I chose for some family Thanksgiving Cards:

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