Thursday, December 17, 2015


How ironic is it that right now while I have the time to blog, I have nothing blog worthy to share?

I'm sitting in Starbucks right now......alone....with my computer....and I have nothing to say. 

All I can think about are the stupid "red" cups that er'body made such a fuss over back in October. 

Apparently people everywhere have too much time on their hands. 

Y'all, when did people become so dumb? 

Meanwhile, we have real world problems like sick babies, and poverty and divorce and the wrong people meeting Jesus too soon. 
A lot of things on the intranet do not even warrant a response. 

To prevent me from standing on my soapbox for longer than I should, I'm just gonna move on. 

So- moving on.....

Can we talk about Adele and the AMAZE performance she did on NBC?! Umm....HELLO....amaze

I may have tried to buy tickets on the intranet for her show in Dallas next November. I'm sad to report, I didn't have luck.  

Sooo so sad for me. What are the odds that when I have H's blessing for a concert, I can't even buy tickets. 

Little Oscar Mayer the Weenie dog has been feeing bad lately. Apparently, he has a bad back. Because I allow my mind to automatically go to the worse possible place, I asked our (very patient with me) vet if Oscar will need a wheelchair or if he needs to be put down. I'm happy to report, he doesn't need either. I did in fact tell our vet to go easy on our bill because it's Decemebr and Santa isn't cheap! Having 2 kids of his own, I think he heard me loud and clear. I hope. Big gulp. 

Totally wished Starbucks gave free refills right now. 

I woke up this morning wanting I ordered these:

At the risk of sounding like a diva....they were tough. So tough I had to cut them with a knife. 

Let's analyze this for a moment: I had to cut flour with a knife. 

To cancel my diva status, the Vermont syrp was really good and I may have packed the extra bottle in my suitcase like a maw maw. 

My little vacay is about to come to an end.....and then I put back on my mommy hat which is a ball cap and ponytail. Let's be real. 

Mommy time outs are CRAZY WONDERFUL.......but I miss my little buddy and can't wait to hug and squeeze his little cheeks (both booty and face). 

See ya next time Dallas. More than likely with my monkey man again. 

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