Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Helllllooooo From the Motherside.

I'm currently on vacation right now. 

And if you want to know the truth, my child is too. 

I'm alone in a hotel room in Dallas and my child is riding 4-wheelers (both real and toy) in the backwoods of Greene County. 

H has a business trip this week and I wanted to tag along. Solo

This mama needed a minute. 

I still haven't recovered from Thanksgiving. 

In downtown Dallas, there are so many restaurants and date nights that H and I want to go to........but our sweet stinky buddy prevents that. If the restaurants don't offer crayons, we pretty much don't go. 

So, the solution was: GRANNA AND POPS CAMP, Round #2. 
This is Jax's 2nd long stay visit with my parents. 

Last time, they taught him to walk and to say 'uh oh, doo doo!'
I'm holding my breath this go around. 

I can't even begin to talk write type about their selfless sacrifice to allow me to sit in a hotel room, and a Starbucks and Neiman Marcus and catch my breath and get caught up on life. 

So, my title.....the Motherside. 

I think my "motherside" could be best described in these photos:

I'm creating an independent little monster man. Every morning, I ask him what he wants for breakfast. This particular morning, he grabbed a "sppppooooon" and these. 

Ummm....No. Try again. 
How about some grits? Maybe eggs? Oatmeal?

This is sorta happening at our house. Sorta. 
By no means are we officially potty training. 
However, little buddy is taking an interest in the potty and saying potty words (for clarification here, those are not cuss words, those words would be "tee-tee" and "poo poo"). 

I figure......what the heck! Let's sit on the potty twice a day. 
I sit on the floor in front of him (hence this photo)....and we read a book or count down on my fingers from 10. 

He has never tee teed IN the potty, but rather he tee tees ON the potty. 

There's a good chance my child will be the next Emeril. He LOVES to "cccoooookk" and wants to do whatever I'm doing that isn't kid friendly in the kitchen. 

Pictured below: that's just some hot boiling white gravy. 

He pushes a chair from the kitchen table over to the stove and insists on helping me. 

Don't judge the non-matching outfit. Obviously H dressed him. 

There are certain things in life that a mother wants to savor. Every mother feels the same way on these things. I'm just gonna list a few real quick.

Things a mother wants to savor:
1. quiet time
2. starbucks
3. wine
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. jamming in the car by herself
6. comfortable, yet stylish shoes
7. Target

I love Target. I love all of it. I love all of the things in Target. Everything. I never have a list, yet my purchase  always equal $234.34 and 1 bag. 

Anyway, I "needed" to run in Target "real quick" and my boys were starting to ruin it for me. 

Don't ruin this for me. 

This is Mama's treat. 

So- I quickly found Jax a buggy to push around. 

MOM WIN!! The child put everything in his buggy. 
He wanted H to take items out of the big buggy and put in his buggy. 

He even managed to find some cookies and just put them right on in. 

We bought them......and H and I polished them off like good parents should do while their child naps! 

You know it was a good play date with your BFF Lilly when your shirt looks like this afterwards. 

You would think I have learned lessons on allowing my child to wear white......

Meanwhile, I almost washed baby Jesus from Jax's nativity. 

Sweet baby Jesus was almost cleansed with the power of Tide on the quick cycle! 

Apparently, Jax threw the "baabbeee" in his dirty clothes hamper. 

Things are always more adventurous, crazy and full of love and laughter on the motherside. 

I wouldn't trade most of the minutes I have on the motherside and I can say with certainty, the motherside is much better than the other side. 

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