Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday.


It's me again. 

I'm totally nailing the whole "blog once a month" thing. 

In no particular yet completely random order, here are my thoughts people:

1. I'm slightly addicted to Spark by Advocare. If anyone can beat Amazon's price, I'll gladly buy from you. I just love Amazon. And I enjoy a good price match. 

2. My child is coming into a little sense of humor and it's presh. Jax likes to take my sewing tape measure and measure his big noggin. Incase you are wondering, he still has a large head. It's so large that my curiosity got the best of me and I just HAD to measure it. His head is only 4" smaller than H's.

 4" smaller and a 30 year difference. 

Side note: after I birthed big buddy, I asked my Dr. if I would be able to have a V-back with additional children. He responded with a big fat no and reminded me my child's head was in the 98 percentile BEFORE he was born. 

3. Daylight savings time is kicking me so hard this year. Y'all. I take PITY on all of my career mama friends. You ladies are my hero. THANK GOODNESS H worked from home the Monday after Day Light Savings. That sweet man of mine allowed me to sleep in until 8am!

8 am. I woke up like I had been out partying all night at The Hunt Club in Starkville back in 2005. When I opened our bedroom door, I saw my baby was dressed for school and was eating his breakfast, H had my coffee brewed and bagels were in the toaster. 

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just hug them both. 
It was like a tv show or an out of body experience. I mean, isn't it every mother's dream to sleep in AND her normal morning routine still stay on track?!?

So I thanked my man with a big dinner. And I thanked my little monkey with some new socks and a bag of m&m's. It doesn't  take much for either. I'm quite fond of my minimalist men. 

4. Jaxon Riley. There are some days that kid is so good that it makes me scared to have another child and question if they will give me a run for my IVF money. Then, other days, I'm like......"yeah, this child is slowly killing me, there's no way I can keep up with another human being."

5. My sweet Diva Darling grandmother, Mom-O was in the hospital. I spent the better part of a day hanging out with her in her hospital room. Here are actual conversations we had:

"No Mom-O, I'm not bringing you fried chicken.You are on a special diet."

"Mom-O, it's ok if your toenails are not painted. Just put your feet under the covers and no one will notice."

"Fox news may effect your blood pressure Mom-O. Why don't we turn the channel."

That wild woman also told me that it would be ok if I trimmed some of the fringe off my new shirt. 

Mom-O has some of the sweetest friends that I love as if they are my own grandmother. I have known these ladies my whole life. One of Mom-O's friends stopped by to visit and made her put on lipstick. I stepped back and watched and wondered if my friends will bring lipstick to me when I'm 86?!? 

She wanted us to make sure that her dogs were fed twice a day. I'm all over here like 'Oscar is lucky if Jax feeds him.' 

While on the phone with H giving him an update on Mom-O, I hear Jax screaming in the background. Apparently Oscar literally took food out of his hands during dinner. Drama rama. Everyday. 

6. Did you know that you can buy scented toilet paper?!?! 

I can't even. 

It's the absolute best. I've never considered myself a diva......I can generally make do with whatever......but now......well, now I need scented toilet paper. I totally bought it on accident and now it's a staple in our house. 

7. Apparently I grind my teeth at night and it bothers my bed buddy. So, while in Walmart, he bought a sports mouth guard. Then, he boiled some water and placed said mouth guard in water. Afterwards, he interrupted a monogramming session and asked me to form my mouth to the guard. Then, when I went to bed, it was nicely placed on my nigh stand. I don't know if I should laugh or just talk to my dentist about this. I guess grinding your teeth isn't as bad as snoring?!?!?

8. My child has had 6 birthday parties to attend within 2 weekends! How does a little human being who as only been on planet Earth for a year and a half know so many people to attend parties for?!? However, this kid of mine eats it up like he does birthday cake! He loves a good party. 

9. Easter pics. 

I'm a sucker for a front porch photo session before church. 

Let me preface this by saying: H DOES NOT TAKE GOOD PHOTOS! 

I think it does it on purpose so I don't ask him to take photos. 

Remember the Christmas photos he took on Christmas Eve? If not, click here. 

I digress, I snapped this one. 
I captured both buddies, their outfits and part of the fern that's alive and thriving. 

H took this photo:

You see the foyer lamp, no fern, no arm, no legs for Jax and no legs for me. 

I was like: HUNTER! You didn't even get my LEGS!
Am I wearing a dress? Or is it a skirt? Or is it pants? could be some shorts! For the record, it was pants because we had to keep the church nursery on Easter. 

2 things need to be noted here. 
#1- Everyone goest to the Easter service. AND everyone brings their kids. 
#2- After we got in the car, we decided to push back having another baby until we forget some of the memories from Sunday. 

Kid you not (see what I did there?), at one point I was wearing rubber gloves. At another point, I was explaining that just because a cookie broke in half doesn't mean that you need a new one. And at another point, I was walking the halls of the church with a kid because she said that she "needed a break." 

In all fairness thought, I did just want another baby so I can dress them in monogrammed Feltman and Paty gowns. I may have asked Jax today if he wants mommy to have a baby.......and without even giving it a thought, he said NOOOO!!! 


10. I really don't have anything else to blog about, but I didn't want 9 bullet points. 9 seems weird to me. Obviously not to the Duggars though. 

This sweetness is so funny and absolutely loved his loot from the Easter Bunny! The bunny may have brought some vitamins, bubble bath and bandaids! I love a practical bunny that just leaves the candy in the pantry hidden away. 

Next blog post, Easter recap. 

At this rate, you will be reading about it in July. 

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