Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me.

Apparently, I've been writing the following post since my birthday, which happened on April 27th. I had goals for this post.....but it just didn't happen. 

I'm so thankful to see another birthday year. 

I'm thankful that I was able to spend the day with my tiny human and celebrate small sweet moments during the day. 

Our day pretty much went like this:

7am- Jax woke up and said "Mommy, cha cha cha". When we sing the birthday song in this house, we sing it with "cha cha cha" in it to make it funnier for Jax. Apparently, he and H had been practicing. 

7:15 am- snack #1 commenced. 

7:17 am- snack #2 commenced. 

We enjoyed the rain and the snuggles and the little nap we took together while it thundered outside. Sometimes I have to play dead so Jax will close his eyes too. While I was playing asleep, Jax opened his little blanket and covered me with it. I.Almost.Lost.It. 

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!? I love the fact that his little heart is taking shape and he enjoys serving others. Granted his classmates may not appreciate some of his gratitude or his love language of biting.......but he can be sweet. 

This birthday was really weird for me. 

By NO MEANS was it bad, it was just weird. H was on a business trip so it was just me, the weenie dog and little buddy. There wasn't any cake, or candles or confetti. Just me and little buddy who would randomly say "cha cha cha" through out the day. (For the record, we did celebrate as a family while in Orlando for vacay). 

I ended up ordering a watch and a Olay face cleaner from Amazon. I wanted a new watch and I though....."what the heck, I mean, it's my birthday and it was an 'add on item.' "   THAT is a clear example of what living on the edge is when you are older. 

Nothing makes you feel your age quite like ordering beauty products on your birthday all because Amazon recommended them.  

So, after my birthday, we a had a beautiful family wedding to attend. And then after the wedding was our family vacation to Orlando. 

Orlando should probably be a post on it's own, but let's be real, if I don't type it out now there's a good chance it will never be typed out. 

Here's some things that we learned/observed while on vacation:

1. Our sweet child will last exactly 9 hours in the car. After that 9th hour, he will cry and scream and beg for things you can not provide him with at the moment. Examples of what he may ask for: 'a paw-paws house' or a 'juice bot' or he will request to binge watch 'Chase on Case' which is actually Paw Patrol. While watching said cartoon, he will then cry for 'op orn'. We learned that hours 1-9 with him in the car is very pleasant. It's just the last hour. It will kill you. Slowly. At 60 miles per hour. 

2. When staying in Orlando (or doing Seaworld/Disney), stay in a condo off property. We had so much room and enjoyed the washer/dryer which allowed us to come home with our suit cases full of CLEAN clothes. Traffic in Orlando was AMAZING! It took 3 minutes to get everywhere. 

3. When traveling with kids, do not even worry about researching the culinary delights in the town you will be staying in. You will end up just using the "Chick-A-La" app on your phone. And you will eat a lot of snacks. 

4. Orlando really doesn't have any culinary delights outside the parks property. The town has a LOT of chinese and chain food restaurants. But, we happened to stumble upon Johnnie's Hideaway on our last night and LOVED IT! They had a 2 man band that Jax danced to and the food was amazing! We just kept ordering more and more food due to Jax loving the atmosphere and my creme brûlée. That booger bear kept calling it pudding and scooping out spoonfuls. 

5. Our ninja turtle would rather go to a pool than a Disney park......which is sad to find out AFTER you purchase your tickets, drive 9 hours and make him an Animal Kingdom shirt. 

6. Jax called the hot tub the "hot pool" and now he thinks his bubble baths are "hot pools." Oh, and the stink will cry and beg to get in a "hot pool" after the 9th hour in the car. 

Seaworld was defiantly the highlight of this cool kid's trip.......until he pooped his pants in the middle of the splash pad. 

There are a few things that Jax does that is spot on to my personality. However, out of the 3 things we have in common, people watching and our lack of face filter is our #1 similarity. We have NO FACE FILTER. 

I give you.....Exhibit A:

Due to his height (or really lack there of), he could only ride 1 "roller coaster" while at Disney. I set up front so I could take sweet pictures like this.......

Lard! The character lunches will make the mama bear come out in you. You want your kid to get as much face time and pictures to get your monies worth. 

We had a great time and celebrated my birthday a few times during the week. And Mother's Day. 

Next vacation: the beach with a "hot pool" and hopefully some culinary delights. And more appliquéd shirts. And no 9 hour drive. And more memories with my boys. 

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  1. That is wonderful that you have so many events together during the time of the holidays so you get to enjoy your holidays as well as those events with your family. You appears to have a great trip in Orlando.